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The Slickest Back Take From Turtle

The Slickest Back Take From Turtle


Nice No-Gi Back Take Setup!

There are a variety of ways to take someone’s back in Jiu Jitsu. Back control can be achieved from many positions including side control, guard, and of course, turtle. Because back control is one of the most dangerous positions to defend from, many grapplers give extra effort to prevent it from occurring. This is why the attacker must be aware of and competent of all the potential possibilities for great success.

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Leo Vieira is one of the most successful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners and competitors to ever step on the mat. Not only is he extremely skilled beyond comprehension, he is also a very entertaining grappler to watch as he constantly moving and attacking from all directions.

One technique Vieira is most known for is his flashy back take from turtle, also known as the forward roll back take. Traditionally, taking the back from turtle requires off balancing one’s opponent from the side to establish control. Because this technique is difficult and requires and unwary opponent, there was a need to develop a new way to take the back, hence the forward roll. In the following video by us, you will see how this effective back take can be performed.

The reason this back take is effective is because most grapplers are not conscious of the potential forward roll. They are typically defending their sideways balance so strongly that the forward roll is ignored. It is important that the attacker has a very strong seat belt grip with good head placement because if they don’t, they will slip off and end up on the bottom. Although the technique appears to require strength, the technical application of force to the back of the defender’s head makes the technique rather easy.

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An alternate way of doing this that is easier and more effective is a version used by Garry Tonon. Starting in the same position with the seat belt grip, begin walking in a circular fashion towards the overhook side and apply a significant amount of pressure to the head of the defender using the overhook shoulder. The pressure against the head will make the roll easier and safer. Rotate to where you are almost parallel with the defender and then do a small forward roll bring your opponent with you.

It is important to place the hooks as you are rolling in either version so as to prevent the defender from blocking them later. Rather than trying these moves as the first back take attempt, use the standard ways first to get the wrong reactions from your opponent as this will make these techniques easier.

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