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The Trap Triangle With Shawn Williams

The Trap Triangle With Shawn Williams


By now you have probably realized that Triangle strangles are everywhere as one of my favorite submissions, it always good to research new ways to make the setup happen.  There is nothing more frustrating than “almost” getting a submission, but not quite. In this video breakdown we see Shawn Williams showing from the Williams guard how he controls his opponent, and let’s them choose their fate, regardless of what they do, he has a plan.  In this case it’s a simple as his opponent basing out with one hand. Doing this creates space for Williams to sneak his knee into that space and continue to advance his position.  


Starting from the Williams guard, the opponent has limited option to defend themselves.  One of the options they may explore is posting with their outside and in order to attempt to use that as a base to drive into you.  If this happens, the very moment they post you can let go of your right leg and bring it tight to the opponent getting your foot close to your knee.  You also must immediately insert your knee into the space created by the opponent posting out. Your knee should next to the opponent’s face, and if possible your foot of the same leg should be stepping on the opponent’s thigh.  This should be easy unless the opponent is able to flatten you out, and that’s ok if it happens.  

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From here we essentially have two options both with their own advantages and disadvantage.  Option one would be to focus on driving the knee into the opponent’s head while swiveling your foot out and locking up the triangle.  The advantage to this is that there is a lot of control of the opponent and you aren’t really sacrificing anything in the way of control.  The downside is because it is a slower movement that relies heavily on flexibility, it can be more difficult to execute and allows the opponent more opportunity to block or catch your foot or ankle preventing you from being able to lock up the triangle.  

The next option is to simply retract your foot by pulling your knee back towards you head until your foot is clear from the opponent’s arm and shoulder and then kick your leg over the opponent’s back, and your foot, allowing you to lock up the triangle.  The advantage here is that it is a very quick movement, by the time the opponent realizes what is happening, it’s too late to do anything. The downside to this method is that for a split second there is nothing stopping your opponent from driving forward before you are able to get your leg in place, therefore forcing you to switch to the Omoplata quickly.  Obviously, failure to recognize this need for change quick enough would result in the opponent escaping.  

It is important to remember position before submission.  While there is always an urge to try to get the submission as quickly as possible, especially when you are in a solid dominate, controlling position such as the Williams guard, take your time and make sure you are ready.  In this position it is easy to simply control and wear down the opponent, don’t be afraid to do that, it’s better than getting reversed and ending up in a bad situation because you were trying to rush it. 

This is just a short clip showing Shawn Williams transitioning from the Williams guard to the trap triangle, this barely scratches the surface of what Williams has to offer.  If you find yourself enjoying his teaching style check out his video instructional at BJJ Fanatics.  Shawn’s 3 DVD set is packed with details on how to obtain, retain and control and execute submissions from the Williams guard.



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