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The Technical Way to Mount

The Technical Way to Mount


Getting to mount from side control seems like an easy thing to do when you are a white belt. As you move up the ranks, you’ll start to notice that it is not as simple as throwing your leg over and that you are getting caught in half guard more often. That’s why it is important to learn and perform mount takes in a technical way that allow you to prevent your leg from getting caught.

The Cross Choke is an old-school mount choke that is typically ignored after a BJJ students first week of class. But it is one of those old school fundamentals techniques that just work. Too many students (especially blue belts) focus on the new fancy techniques, guard sweeps, etc. But don't ignore the old school fundamental jiu jitsu that just works.


The most common way people defend mount takes is rolling on to their far side, bringing their elbow to their knee, and then catching the leg. This simple maneuver works really well and can be a huge problem if you are on top. So in order to deal with, we need to use to movements that prevent the attacker from rolling on their side and also connecting their elbow to their knees.

In the following video by Cesar Casamojo, you will see how he uses knee on belly to get to mount in an extremely simple yet effective way that any grappler could:

The first part of this technique, which is getting to knee on belly, makes it difficult for the defender to roll on to their side. If you have even been in bottom side control, you know this is true, and if somehow you do manage to roll, you are exposing yourself to attacks like back takes, armbars, and bow and arrow chokes.

The other part, which use the under hook to stretch out the bottom player, prevents them from connecting their elbow to their knee. This creates a lot of space for your leg to go with very little room for error. Now that you know, it is time to stop throwing your leg over in the hope that you end up in mount, because in the long run, it won’t work.

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