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Finally, an Instructional Resource for Passing Systems

Finally, an Instructional Resource for Passing Systems


One of my favorite aspects of Jiu Jitsu is that as you proceed through the ranks, the game becomes more complex. This complexity usually isn’t resolved by brute strength but by creating a grappling system that allows you to connect things together in ways other people don’t. This is why high-level black belts are all known for having different types of games and having unique grappling ‘personalities.’ 

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For many grapplers getting started but wanting to get a head start, it can be difficult to create your own systems because although they may know various techniques, they have very little understanding of how to connect things together. In this day in age, we are very fortunate to have Youtube, but often it can be a limited resource because great grapplers don’t want to share their secrets, and rightfully so.

In the last few years, we have been blessed by amazing instructors and grapplers like John Danaher and Gordon Ryan who are willing to give up their secrets and systems for the greater good of the sport and its general evolution.

John Danaher has created multiple DVD’s in which he explains the systems he created that led to the success of his students. These DVD’s are very unique in that, one, they are very long, each with around eight volumes, but also in that they are organized in a way that make sense for new and experienced students alike. Some of these DVD’s include one’s for leg locks, triangles, and back systems. 

One of the most requested DVD’s from Danaher or his students is one on guard passing. As we have seen from his competition, Gordon Ryan passes guards in such a unique and intricately technical way that continues to amaze fans. Well, fortunately for us, on Wednesday February 13th, 2019, Gordon will be releasing a DVD set in which he illustrates all the great systems he uses to pass guards. This would be a great gift for you to ask for your significant other for Valentine’s day, such great timing. Check out the trailer below:

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