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Add this Detail For a Monster Knee Slide Pass

Add this Detail For a Monster Knee Slide Pass


The knee slide pass is one of the oldest techniques in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu used to pass the guard. This type of pass works extremely well against many types of guard like half guard or reverse da la riva but can also be done from pretty much any position. Personally, I think it is superior to its cousin pass, the same side knee pass in most regards but mostly because it is more difficult to defend.

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When doing the knee slide pass, the top player usually encounters to main obstacles. The first obstacle is the difficulty in flattening out our opponents. The other obstacle, and arguably the more difficult one, is finding a way around the knee shield. The knee shield is used as a defensive tactic that helps prevent flattening but also just makes the guard pass more difficult. Therefore, the first step in starting the knee slide pass is using some technique that can get rid of the knee shield and also help flatten our opponents. 

In the following video by BJJ Fanatics, you will see a technique that allows us to overcome both the knee shield and help us flatten our opponents out:

This addition combines elements of multiple passes to improve the success of the traditional knee slide pass. The first is element is similar to that of the X-pass or toreando in which the top player grips the pants and pulls the defender’s leg far back. The next element added is the pressure which resembles that used in the over under pass.

After adding both of these things, you can come back to the traditional parts of the pass such as getting under the chin and lifting the arm up. This addition will make defending the knee slide pass extremely difficult because both the knee shield and the under hook become impossible to grab.

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