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2 Guard Passes From Fabiano Scherner Every BJJ Fanatic Should Know

2 Guard Passes From Fabiano Scherner Every BJJ Fanatic Should Know


Fabiano Scherner is a German Brazilian professional mixed martial artist and Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt. He has fought in Cage Rage, IFL and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Scherner is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor who won multiple championships on an international and world stage in senior and master divisions. Fabiano is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Murilo Bustamante and “Bebeo” Duarte and a former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, having competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Cage Rage. The list of Fabiano’s accolades is long, with important titles including World No Gi Champion, International Masters and Seniors Champion, Pan American Champion, Brazilian National Champion, American National Champion, American National No Gi Champion, World No Gi Championship 2nd Place, and Pan American Championship 3rd Place.

Today we are going to check out two guard passes from Fabiano Scherner that everyone should know. These two techniques and a whole lot more are available on Fabiano Scherner’s “Mastering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after 40: Top Game” Instructional series exclusively sold at!

#1. Butterfly Guard Pass by Fabiano Scherner

The butterfly guard is one of the most common guards in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With learning the butterfly guard comes learning how to pass it. Passing the butterfly guard can be just as hard to master at the butterfly guard itself. But do not worry! Fabiano’s instruction makes passing simple and easy to understand. Check out the video below!

The butterfly guard is a very dangerous place to be for the player on top. Typically you will see a good butterfly guard use their hooks and grip to bump the player forward, causing them to post with their arms on the mat. In the case where your training partner is able to pull you forward into his butterfly guard, you want to post wide with your hands on the mat and keep your legs tight together. This will make it much harder for the butterfly guard player to sweep you.

Pay attention to the hip movement Fabiano Scherner uses to off balance his opponent, and pass the butterfly hooks. Once you are in the air, you want do use this same type of movement. It will cause your training partner’s hooks to collapse, rendering their butterfly guard completely ineffective.

#2. Second Base Pass

The second base pass is a simple pass that can be done by everyone, no matter what your level of experience is. Fabiano Scherner is known for his simple yet effective techniques that do not necessarily rely on strength, flexibility or athleticism. Check out the video below!

There are a few take aways you should remember from this video the next time you are in a live roll. First, work your grips down to the belt. Of course, this step will be a lot easier in drilling, as your opponent will be doing everything in his power to break your grips and your posture. You do not need to be completely standing up right to slide your need into the middle of your opponent’s guard. Once you work to get that knee you will open the guard and set yourself up to get the pass. When passing it is vital to pull up on the gi while pushing down on the thigh you are passing. The elbow in the chest completes the pressure, and this will keep your opponent stuck to the ground.

UFC Stars like Chael Sonnen and Page Van Zant Seek His Coaching & His BJJ Team Dominates Local Tournaments. His DVD series called MASTERING BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU AFTER 40 is an easy to learn "old school" approach to BJJ





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