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The Turtle Guard For BJJ With Eduardo Telles

The Turtle Guard For BJJ With Eduardo Telles


Eduardo Telles Is An Innovator And Has One Of The Most Unorthodox Style Of BJJ You Will Ever See!

Eduardo Telles is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Fabio Gurgel who is famous for having created several attacks from the turtle position. For most, the turtle position is a seen as a weaker position. Telles revolutionized this by creating the turtle guard. Eduardo Telles also created several trademark setups from a position that became famous as the Octupus Guard. Some of Eduardo’s most notable achievements are World Champion No Gi, Pan American Champion, Brazilian National Champion, World Silver Medalist, 3x World Bronze Medalist and more.

Eduardo Telles has one of the most unorthodox styles in BJJ. Surprise all of your training partners with Eduardo's competition tested techniques


The turtle position gets a bad rep in jiu jitsu. For Telles, the turtle guard was a means to an end for him as he was always having his back taken. He developed the turtle guard to address this, and the resulting turtle guard completely revolutionized the sport. So what exactly is the turtle guard? Well, the turtle is not a guard in the traditional sense. Instead, the turtle guard is a method of turning the defensive turtle position into an offensive position with a variety of sweeps and submissions. The key component to the turtle guard is baiting your opponent into a position more advantageous for attacking.  Timing is also key with the turtle guard. It requires you to flow with your opponent and anticipate when to make an appropriate movement.

There is also one key component that brings contention to the turtle guard: it relies on giving your back to your opponent. For many competitors out there, this seems like a terrible mistake. But for Eduardo this aspect of the turtle guard works to his advantage. Fortunately for us, Eduaro has shared all his tips and tricks in his instructional series The Turtle Guard Revisited, available exclusively on If you are interested in learning an unorthodox style to BJJ then this series really is for you. Let’s take a look at some of the unique techniques you can find in this series.

Butterfly Trap: Kimura From Turtle Guard

From a stead position, Eduardo first establishes contact with his training parter. He has his feet inside, one hand on his training partner’s wrist and one on his shoulder. Eduardo puts his knee into his opponent’s hips and over hooks the arm. Notice that he is still maintaining the connection with the wrist, giving his opponent an avenue to his back which he uses as bait for a kimura submission. As soon as he goes for the back, Eduardo goes down into half guard, trapping his leg, and the kimura is right there. Telles prefers to grab his lapel to finish the kimura from this position.

Side Control To Steam Roller

Side control is a difficult position to escape. Side control can be made even worse if your training partner uses your lapel to start controlling your arm. Eduardo starts off with one stupid simple tip: turn the opposite direction, away from your opponent. It gives your opponent your back, and with the turtle guard that is actually what you are looking to do. Put your hand under your opponent’s jaw to give him a little pressure and free your hand. From here you can frame and create space to start and roll away from the training partner. It is likely he is going to follow you through the roll but that is plenty okay. Get up to your knees in to the turtle position. This will allow you to roll back into closed guard.

Leap Trap From Knee Cut

If you are playing bottom half guard and your opponent stands, they will often time use a knee cut to control your bottom leg. This is a very common problem most BJJ players face at one point or another. But that’s no worry, because Eduardo’s technique is perfect for this situation. He does not hesitate to counter when his partner goes for the knee slice. Eduardo sits back up to trap his opponent’s foot. It is likely your training partner will have a cross collar grip, which can make this technique hard to do. So to get around this Eduardo passes the arm around the back of his neck before securing the turtle position. You can always using the turtle position when your training partner’s knee goes the way you would expect it to when going for the knee cut.

As you can tell, the turtle guard is a very unique approach to grappling. One of the best aspects of the turtle guard is that it is not widely known or taught. So if you want to give yourself an advantage on the mats, you may as well learn some unorthodox techniques. Be sure to give the turtle guard a try the next time you are on the mats. If you struggle with opponents taking your back, the turtle guard is definitely for you. If you would like to learn more from Eduardo Telles then check out his amazing instruction series, The Turtle Guard Revisited, available exclusively on

Learn The Secrets Of The Turtle Guard From The World Champion Who Has Used It For Decades To Beat The Best Fighters On Earth It Might Sound Completely Nuts, But Eduardo Telles Beats The Best Guys – From His Hands & Knees.

This is your opportunity to learn one of the most unorthodox systems in bjj. This system will be unlike anything you have ever seen and you can use it to easily destroy all of your training partners.

Eduardo Telles is one of the trailblazers of sport jiu-jitsu, a true technician in modern grappling, and he is here giving everyone a new look into the position that he revolutionized. As one of the foremost masters of the guard, Eduardo Telles flows and attacks as good as anyone we have ever seen. Known for his unique brand of esquijitsu (‘weird’ jiu-jitsu), Eduardo has always fought his own unique style, and he has done it at the highest levels of the sport. Now, with decades of experience, one of grappling’s best coaches is here to break down the position he is best known for, turtle guard.

Learn what more than 20 years of hard training will get you, Eduardo Telles is a living legend




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