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Two Birds One Stone with Neil Melanson

Two Birds One Stone with Neil Melanson


In this video Neil Melanson gives a very technical demonstration of a triangle choke from his closed guard, with the use of an over hook.

Take a look!

He states at the very beginning, while having the over hook he must make sure he stays tight to the body, apply whizzering pressure, and at the same time tie up the other arm so his opponent doesn’t trap his leg. This is where the trouble comes in when having this particular kind of trap. The main focus before being able to apply the choke is to leverage the free arm. Let’s break it down step by step.

Any closed tight guard system such as the rubber guard, shoulder pin, etc., can get so tight that it actually becomes a battle with yourself. There will still be a small amount of hip space while having the over hook in closed guard. With all of the space killed you now have to create space. It is a game of inches.

Melanson starts off in closed guard. He follows up by pulling the head down and grabbing the back of the neck, breaking the posture. Melanson then opens his guard, shifting from being flat on his back to being on his right hip.

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He steps his left foot onto the right side of his partners hip and controls his bottom leg by curling it into the left side of the other person’s body, keeping tight whizzering pressure with his over hook arm.

The problem now is the free arm. Melanson specifies how his opponent is going to use that elbow to block the bottom leg. Which would not have to be worried about typically if just the over hook side were being attacked. But for this demonstration it needs removed.

Ideally, it is mentioned by Melanson that he would want a bottom C grip around the wrist, with his thumb facing his body. But most guys are not going to let him have that.

The next best choice after that would be to get his upper C grip, with his partners forearm up by his stomach. Gripping the wrist with his thumb facing down. The elbow is still blocking his leg at this point.

The next step he shows is to remove that elbow by pulling the arm toward himself like he is attempting an overhook arm bar. So, he pulls the free arm across his chest while staying tight and keeping the over hook arm trapped.

He then punches his left fist across his stomach and does what he calls an ice pick grip with his fist on the problem arms’ bicep. Melanson explains that he could grab that arm but in his experience the ice pick grip is stronger and requires less energy, which all of us love in BJJ.

At this point he removes his right hand, being able to keep both arms trapped with the ice pick grip he’s demonstrated. He re-applies his grip, remaining very tight to the body. Then when he’s ready, he drops his bottom leg and straightens the ice pick grip arm, while moving his wrist toward his partners bicep in an ice picking motion. Burying the arm between his legs.

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At this point his bottom leg is free. Keeping his other leg where it is (In his partner’s hip) allows him to have mobility in his hips. Melanson then shoots his free leg over the buried arm side shoulder, putting the back of his knee over the right side of his partners neck.

Next, he lets us know we can either hook under the leg or under the arm. Different scenarios can call for different techniques. Melanson says under the arm can be more beneficial in MMA to stop punches. But in a strictly grappling scenario hooking the leg is just fine.

And the finish! Once either the arm or leg gets hooked, he pivots his body. Feet being on the over hook side, head opposite. He then takes the top of his calf and places it over his right ankle. He now removes the over hook arm. Places that hand on his shin, presses his feet to the floor and squeezes.

That tightens everything up to successfully finish the triangle submission. Melanson follows up by showing a few different angles to finish the technique so you can see it from multiple viewpoints. Very thorough setup and technical submission from one of the best!

This is an incredibly helpful detail for attacking from this position. The mechanics here are sure to help secure that submission and make it stick!



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