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Ralek Gracie Looks to Bring Metamoris Back to Life

Ralek Gracie Looks to Bring Metamoris Back to Life


I remember sitting down to watch the first Metamoris...

At first, I was irritated that it wasn’t starting on time. Then I realized the night of super fights was being held on the west coast and that I had settled in about 3 hours early to watch the show.

After we had that all sorted out, a few of my friends and I huddled around a small computer screen at my house filled with anticipation to see some of the biggest names in BJJ at the time go head to head.

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Despite some problems with the stream, and some obvious production issues, I was glued to the screen the entire time and I really enjoyed it. This was unlike any other jiu-jitsu event I’d ever seen. The fighters we’re on an elevated stage, while the rest of the room remained dark Metamoris had a very appealing and unique vibe about it.

Metamoris was really the first of its kind, and it drew a lot of attention to the super fight style format. Since its inception, many other promotions have followed in its footsteps. Formats vary, but the skeleton of what we know as a night of super fights was definitely fostered by the promotion.

Metamoris continued to produce events for a short time before ending up in controversy. Ralek Gracie, the owner of the promotion began to come under fire from some of the athletes that had participated in the show, as well as the BJJ community for questionable business practices.

The athletes were not being compensated as promised, and this led to a firestorm of bad press and negative attention toward Metamoris and Gracie.

It appears Ralek has had some time to reflect on his decisions, and the mistakes that he’s made with Metamoris. In an interview with The MMA Hour, Ralek has expressed that he still sees potential and “energy” surrounding Metamoris and it looks like he’s planning to bring the promotion back to life.

He cites inexperience and not having the tools to sustain and manage the “monster” that Metamoris had become for the downfall of the promotion.

Admitting that mistakes were made and that the company itself is in debt, Ralek is now looking to get better business partners on board this time around to build a more solid foundation for the company, and propel it into its next phase.

So, what about the fighters that never got paid?

It appears that Ralek is fully aware of the damage that’s been caused by the actions of himself and the Metamoris brand.

He notes that there is a lot of negative energy, and “chi” surrounding the promotion and its track record, and he seems to be willing to accept that fact and move forward, taking the steps necessary to right the wrongs.

Ralek seems very passionate about making a comeback, and he looks to have a clear vision of what he needs to do. But with so much controversy and bad blood surrounding his actions will he have the support of the BJJ community?

It's hard to say. Actions always speak louder than words, and time will certainly tell, but we hope his heart is in the right place.

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I was always confused about what was happening with Metamoris. I never understood why athletes weren’t getting paid, and maybe the factors weren’t malicious, but just due to inexperience, incompetence and not having the right people at the helm. Let’s hope this was the case.

Almost every business goes through periods such as Metamoris did, but not all are in the public eye to be scrutinized so heavily. And when bad practices take the center stage, they are seldom forgotten.

The superlight format has exploded over the past few years, and it’s clear that fans of BJJ are hugely interested in watching a card filled to the brim with big names. Metamoris was a key player in the evolution of BJJ competition.

The question is, will it be accepted by the BJJ masses and be granted access once again into the BJJ competition world? You can view the entire interview with Ralek Gracie here:

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