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The UFC Crowns A New Middleweight King

The UFC Crowns A New Middleweight King


Israel Adesanya achieved what he set out to achieve in the UFC in 7 ELECTRIC fights. If you knew about Adesanya before his UFC Tenure you probably aren’t all that surprised, considering his kickboxing credentials. But if you predicted the whirlwind rise to the top in MMA’s toughest organization, you should open a psychic hotline like it’s 1996. 

People will quickly disregard the talent and grit of former champ Robert Whittaker due to the loss, but Robert was throwing with violent intent despite the long lay off away from the cage. As usual Chael Sonnen has a great breakdown for us fresh off of the event. Check it out!


So what’s next for the NEW champ? That would be Paulo Costa, who was in attendance in the front row. Costa is coming off of a decision victory over Middleweight stalwart Yoel Romero. There will be a distinct clash of styles when Stylebender meets the Eraser. Costa is a bull in a china shop style fighter, where Adesanya is more of the matador. Either way the fans will win out on this one! Check out this interview with the NEW champ!


Gangster Grappling by Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen needs little introduction to his skills and accomplishments.Sonnen has competed in the UFC, Bellator, and even ADCC! Gangster Grappling BY Chael Sonnen takes a look at the techniques that helped him become one of the most feared Grapplers in the history of MMA.