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The Unescapeable Wrist Lock By Fabiano Scherner

The Unescapeable Wrist Lock By Fabiano Scherner


Fabiano Scherner Teaches Us The Unescapable Wrist Lock

When you think of some of the all time great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners you will often think of Fabiano Scherner. Fabiano has won the Black Belt Masters World 10 times in his career. His old school approach to BJJ attracts high profile students from all over the world, including UFC fighters Chael Sonnen and Paige Vanzant. His techniques and patience allows him to exert minimal strength and energy to dominate his opponents. Not only is he an all time great competitor. He also has an incredible ability to teach the fundamentals of grappling.

Travis Stevens is also a master of the wrist lock and considers it his secret weapon when he's training and competing. Click the learn more to discover the secrets to the wrist lock game.


Let’s take a look at Scherner’s unescapable wrist lock from side control below

As you can see in the video, this is a very basic approach to wrist lock from side control. This is effective because not many students are going to expect you to go for a wrist lock here. And notice that by faking the arm triangle he gives himself the perfect opportunity to set up his opponent’s arm for the wrist lock. It’s also important to notice the angle he uses on his training partners wrist, give him maximum leverage and torque, although it does not take very much effort. By flaring the elbow, Fabiano assures that his opponent will not be able to push back against him. This makes it easy to apply force to the wrist for a quick tap. This is an important detail. Also note that by controlling his opponents shoulder with both arms he prevents any easy escape. Fabiano’s use of his chin to control the wrist makes it very difficult for his opponent to push away.

An often over looked technique can be a great way to surprise a person in a competition, especially as something as fundamental as the wrist lock. Even a very beginner can get this submission. So remember this one the next time you are drilling side control in class, and don’t be afraid to go for it in a live roll. Also keep in mind, wrist locks are available from many different positions, whether you are standing against your opponent or even caught in his guard. For more ways to apply a wrist lock check out the video below.

Wrist locks are everywhere in jiu jitsu and all grappling arts. Attacking the wrist is a fairly simple principle that we see in many martial arts, not just "aikido". But the secret to the wrist lock is knowing where they show up in jiu jitsu - HINT it's EVERY WHERE, and how to set them up properly so they can't escape.



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