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Third Coast Grappling 2 Recap/Highlights

Third Coast Grappling 2 Recap/Highlights



Third Coast Grappling held another event in Houston and it was full of action. Third Coast utilizes a unique rule set where there is a normal round followed by overtime rounds. The over time involves a coin flip and a choice of position. The athlete that wins the toss gets to choose the position, while the other gets to choose top or bottom. For instance if someone wins the coin flip and they choose guard as their position the other athlete can choose whether to be in the top or bottom position. From there it’s sudden death. These rules lead to some high octane action.

One of the major highlights of the event was Nat Santoro’s last second victory over her opponent. Gordon Ryan was obviously in attendance to coach her as well as Ethan Crelinsten. Ryan made some big news when it was announced that he would be taking on Felipe Pena in December at the next Third Coast Grappling. This will be their third match, Ryan took to social media to express how this match will be much different. The fans were pumped!

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Vagner Rocha took on Ethan Crelinsten in one of the best matches of the night. It was non stop action. Crelinsten looked to alternate between leg attacks, and back take attempts. Rocha stayed all pressure on top, looking to lock up a kimura wherever possible. The match went to overtime and we got to see Rocha work from his back while Ethan looked to pass. Rocha was able to secure a sweep, and the victory. Stellar match.

Edwin Najmi saw action against Gianni Grippo towards the end of the event. Grippo pulled guard early and began looking to take the back Najmi. Edwin was primarily focused on breaking Grippo’s ankle with several Estima Lock attempts. The fight made it to overtime. We got to see the flipside of action compared to the regulation time period. Najmi started in closed guard with Grippo taking the top position. Najmi came out on top by landing a sweep and securing the top position.

Everyone’s favorite Austrailian Craig Jones made his presence known in the co-main event. Jones took on Matheus Diniz. Much of the early action took place on the feet. Jones and Diniz both had good takedown attempts but fell short. The mat space seemed to be keeping them in the center and re setting the action. Jones pulled guard and looked to work multiple kimura attacks throughout the regulation period. As the first round came to a close Jones looked to finish with a kimura but fell short. Overtime saw Diniz defeating Jones via takedown in the sudden death round.

In the main event Nicholas Meregali faced off against BJJ Royalty Roberto Cyborg Abreu. After a guard pull it was constant attacks from Meregali. It looked as though it would be a quick match when Meregali snagged a close triangle attempt. Cyborg freed himself and looked for an explosive pass attempt. Meregali proved to be too much this time, as he landed a noose-like loop choke to end the match.

Third Coast Grappling put on a great show for a packed house. The rule set lends itself well to the superfight format, as it has a clear winner and is designed to push the action. Let’s see who else they decide to stack the card with, on top of Ryan vs Pena III.

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