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Ouchi Gari Tips & Tricks For Judo & Jiu-Jitsu


Ouchi Gari Basics

The ouchi gari is a judo throw that works perfectly for BJJ, MMA and Self-Defense. It is called a "major inner reap" and is one of the core throws of Judo.
If you are a BJJ competitor that has a love for Judo throws and take downs, then the ouchi gari is a technique that you’ve probably come across at some point. It is an awesome leg hooking/trapping take down that will allow you to get the top position on your opponent almost every time. But perhaps you are too familiar yet with the technique. There are some tips you can use to make your ouchi gari one of your best take downs. Let us see what you can do to make that happen…

Ouchi Gari is one of the best Judo takedowns for.... Judo, MMA, Wrestling AND BJJ. It is a universal takedown that is shown in a variety of differnt ways. But, when we learn takedowns, we want to learn from the best in the world... like Olympians Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro.


Break the balance, break the posture

There are several important points to remember when practicing ouchi gari.

  1. Prevent your opponent from stepping back with is trail leg when doing the ouchi gari by adding pulling pressure with your mirrored arm
  2. Punch and drive down with your lead arm / same side as reaping leg.
  3. Reach deeply with your lead leg, and wrap your leg around your opponents leg, even trying to use your toes to grip your opponents leg during the ouchi gari
  4. Stiffen your lead arm, and strike with your heel tendon. This will work if your opponent's balance is already broken
  5. Keep your head centered over your opponent's chest during the ouchi gari so that you don't get rolled over after the throw.
  6. Land on your opponent chest to chest and be prepared to fight on the mat.

 So, just like every other throw and take down in Judo, the ouchi gari needs its user to break the balance and break the posture of his opponent. As seen, the ouchi gari requires you to grip high up on the collar on the kimono and on the sleeve by the elbow.  Use those kimono grips to their full potential. You need to pull him down with the collar grip, and pull him up by the sleeve. When you do that, you will put all the weight on the leg that you will hook/trap to take him down.

Make sure you bend your legs

There are some different foot work options possible for this take down. For white belts, stepping straight through the opponent’s legs will be the first foot work that you’ll learn. Once you get some experience with the take down, you can start using the deceptive three step foot work. But either way, you need to make sure there is a bend in both of your legs when going for the ouchi gari. If you are standing up too tall, your heel/ankle will be what attacks the opponent’s leg, which will be too weak to get him down. Step in straight, make sure your legs are bent so that you get deep penetration and your leg will work more effectively to trap the opponent’s leg.

Drive in on an angle

Let’s say that you used my advice for this take down. You broke the balance/posture, you’ve bent your legs so that you were able to get in deep and you hooked the leg! Now here is the key advice to finish. You need to drive in on a 45 degree angle. That angle should be towards the side of the collar grab. If you drive in straight, there is a chance that he will be able to defend it. But when you drive in diagonally at that 45 degree angle, then it will take away his last chance of defense, and it will get him down.

Judo is an excellent compliment for any BJJ practitioner. Our art came from Judo, so the throwing and take down techniques of that art just flows in very well. It is up to you to find out which take down techniques work best for you. Pick a handful and work them. The ouchi gari should be one of those. If you want to improve your Judo style take downs then check out…

Judo Champion Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens give you an insight into their world of taking people down regardless of rules or style of grappling / MMA. These two great Olympians will guide you through the process of gaining the skills to takedown the toughest opponents in the gym, on the streets or in the cage.

Here is a quick summary of what you will learn in the Takedown Blueprint with Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro.

  • Osoto Gari – Outer Reaping Throw – One of the first throws every grappler needs to know. It is a powerful judo throw to use against an opponent leaning or pulling backwards
  • Knee Osoto Gari – This one is slick!! We've never seen it before and it's guranteed to catch your BJJ training partners of competitors. This is great for people who like to throw to the opposite side of the traditional osoto gari.
  • Drop Seoi Nage – The drop seoi nage is a favorite of many BJJ athletes include João. It's surprisingly low risk, and very powerful. The challenge is in the grip.
  • Ippon Seoi Nage – Very similar to the drop seoi nage, but with the arm. Again, a low risk throw, unless you don't know how to stop your opponent from getting the back. Don't worry Travis will break it down for you.
  • Tomoe Nage – This is one of the favorites of many guard players. If the throw doesn't work, you'll end up in the guard. But, the insights Travis demonstrates will have your opponents THINK you're pulling guard, but instead you're taking them for the ride of their life.
  • Tai Otoshi – The tai otoshi is one of the most powerful throws in judo. It suits those with longer legs, but we find it to be one of the most rewarding judo throws due to the sound people make when they hit the mats.
  • One Handed Tai Otoshi – A Travis Stevens speciality that is a very cool way to do the Tai Otoshi throw, but will catch most jiu jitsu guys sleeping.
  • Ouchi Gari – Inner reap – The ouchi gari is great for BJJ, No gi grappling and MMA. It is relatively safe, and can produce high rewards. Just be careful not to get scissor swept when you finish.
  • Sumi Gaeshi – This is a similar "feel" to the Tomoe Nage since it is another sacrafice throw. This is a GREAT counter to leg attacks from wrestlers or aggressive newbs.
  • Fireman’s Carry – One of the coolest throws in judo / all grappling arts where your opponent is over your shoulders. Their set up for the fireman's carry is beautiful and will definitely put your opponent's ass on the mats.
  • AND MORE - including how to use Judo against aggressive wrestlers.



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