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Tips on Balance and Base With Lucas Lepri

Tips on Balance and Base With Lucas Lepri


What is the most important thing you should focus on in Jiu Jitsu?  As you can imagine, the answer to this can vary greatly depending on who you ask.  It may be the ability to pass guard, or the ability to maintain your position, or it could be a series of submissions that you should be focusing on.  Regardless of what the “correct” answer to this question may be, I think we can all agree that in every aspect of Jiu Jitsu, we must have a solid understanding of balance and base.

With a good understanding of what makes up a good base, and how to use your base to your advantage rather than having it put you at more risk with your opponent will give you the balance you need to feel secure in your position and continuing moving on to the attack, pass, or whatever technique you are working at the time.  

Professor Lucas Lepri breaks down some of his thoughts and tips that he has leveraged to create such success on the world stage claiming 5 championships.  


Professor Lepri discusses one of the best things you can do for basing is knowing the series of options your opponent has.  If you know what they are most likely to do this gives you the ability to base correctly and move as needed to maintain your balance.  He goes on to talk about how simply changing your level can give you the advantage here as well.

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In the example in his video Professor Lepri starts by pushing Professor Faria’s left hip and right knee to the mat and almost jumping around to the side the knee is pinned but doing this while changing his level and staying very close to the mat.  He shows how knowing that Professor Faria is likely going to stop him from circling around, he is able to alter his base and move to a knee slice pass keeping pressure on Professor Faria the entire time.

“Don’t be a rock” – Lucas Lepri

As Professor Lepri shows in his video “Concepts About Balance & Base With The Best On It”, he keeps his hips up and head down in order to maintain his base and balance.  He also shows how being a rock and not flowing with the move will almost always lead to being swept.  The goal is to flow with the move and react to it, ideally you are expecting it, but even if not, rather than trying to be strong and muscle your way out of it, flow with the move and find a way to shift your balance to improve your position.

Professor Lepri’s video instructional “The Science of Guard Passing” breaks down in detail how he has managed to compete at Worlds and not lose a match in 6 years, many times having zero points scored on him.  In an area that we all have an opportunity, adding to our ever changing guard passing game, this video instructional is sure to provide details that will put you on the next level.



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