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Today Is The Day To Re-Discover Butterfly Guard

Today Is The Day To Re-Discover Butterfly Guard


Now more than ever the Butterfly Guard is coming back in a HUGE way. More and more we are seeing the position used at the highest levels of competition across ALL WEIGHT CLASSES. On top of that it’s use is prevalent across Gi, No-Gi, and MMA! So what makes the Butterfly so good and who should you study?

One of the top Butterfly Guard players today is none other than Adam Wardzinski. Wardzinski was always known as a good BJJ guy from Europe. Now, after defeating Leandro Lo at the Pan Ams, he is one of the TOP athletes in BJJ! What’s even better is that he utilizes Butterfly Guard to defeat LEGENDS of the sport. Let’s take a look at a technique from his groundbreaking instructional Butterfly Guard Re-Discovered!

Butterfly Guard is a very versatile position that involves forcing reactions from your opponent off of an initial sweep attempt. Your typical Butterfly Guard sweep is commonly used to either land the sweep or force a reaction. In this situation above Adam’s sweep threat has caused Bernardo to take a defensive posture. This rooted posture can make it difficult to land the classic Butterfly Guard Sweep, so being able to manipulate their rooted posture in the form of an arm drag is a great tactic. 

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Adam performs this arm drag motion with a cross sleeve grip and a same side armpit/seem grip on Bernardo’s arm. As he scoots around bernardo he drags his arm to the floor. This will cause another reaction from Bernardo in the form of trying to regain posture. The grip on Faria’s seem will help Adam gain ground and obtain the belt grip. The threat of having your back taken here is very real so it causes Bernardo to further posture up and away from Adam. This creates another opportunity for Adam to perform his Butterfly Guard Wizardry and finish with a beautiful sweep .

To execute the sweep Adam has to finish diving his body underneath of Bernardo’s base. He does this by stretching his bottom leg behind Bernardo, he does this to establish a new base for himself. By stretching and planting this foot it allows him to complete his dive as well as provides the necessary leverage to complete the sweep. This bottom foot detail is one aspect that sets Adam apart from other Butterfly Guard players. His details are what make Butterfly Guard Re-Discovered the most comprehensive breakdown of the position yet. 

Butterfly Guard has been long thought of as a "Basic" game that only works in the Gi. WRONG. Butterfly Guard has been Rediscovered! Adam Wardzinski has been leading the expedition in both Gi and No-Gi. The Butterfly Guard Rediscovered By Adam Wardzinski has the blueprint you need to keep your guard UP-TO-DATE!



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