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Top 4 Jiu Jitsu Techniques to Escape Rear Choke with Matt Bryers

Top 4 Jiu Jitsu Techniques to Escape Rear Choke with Matt Bryers


Essential Techniques For Your Rear Naked Choke Defense!

The rear choke may be one of if not the scariest position you can find yourself in. You only have a matter of seconds to get out of it before you are choked unconscious. Here are 4 escapes from the attack with Matt Bryers!

With all of these techniques, as soon as Matt feels the attack he is tucking his chin and lifting his shoulder, protecting his neck.

Technique 1 Ippon Seoi Nage (One Armed Shoulder Throw): Pinning the attackers arm to his chest, Matt drop into a deep base, getting his hips below his opponents. From his base, Matt ducks forward, lifting the attacker with his hips and dumping him over his head. After the takedown Matt can look to strike, control, or follow the attacker down and arrest him.

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Technique 2 Osoto Gari (Major Outside Reap): Matt does his Osoto Gari depending on the attacker. If the attacker defends the Ippon Seoi Nage, the Osoto Gari is there to counter it or if the attacker immediately starts pulling you backwards the Osoto Gari is a good option. Still pinning the attackers arm to his chest, Matt looks to reach his leg back, behind the attackers leg connecting them together. Keeping his connected leg planted to the floor on the ball of his foot, Matt the takes a big step with his other leg, pivoting all the way around to face the opposite direction of the attacker. From this opposite facing position Matt keeps the arm pinned to his chest and bows forward. By pinning their bent elbow to your chest and bowing you are essentially putting an Americana lock on their shoulder. To prevent them from stepping out of it your leg connected to there's stops them from stepping away.

Technique 3 Judo Lock (Underhook Shoulder Lock with Post on Head): In this scenario, Matt cannot drop to his Ippon Seoi Nage nor can he turn to his Osoto Gari. Since he cannot turn out he decides to turn in. Still keeping that arm pinned to his chest, Matt takes a step behind the attacker with his inside leg while dropping his shoulder and bowing to come out the back. Maintaining a 2 on 1 position on the attackers arm he is now in position for his shoulder lock.  The hand closest to the attackers hand reaches and cups the shoulder, the other hand controls posture by posting on the back of the attackers head. From this position Matt as many options, one option is to strike with knees. Briefly he also shows that you can do a takedown by making a palm to palm grip to crank the shoulder. An easy takedown he shows is to push the back of the attackers head while moving your body around their head to roll them out to their back.

Technique 3 Battering Ram Variation: If you want to use that person as a shield against third party attackers, from the Judo lock, Matt can either reach across the attackers jaw line and posture him up or reach across his back and the attackers shoulder.

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Escape Series Flow 1: First, Matt attempts Ippon Seoi Nage. Attacker defends by pulling back, so to counter this movement Matt transitions to his Osoto Gari. The attacker defends again by stepping his leg out and going behind Matt. Still controlling the attackers arm, Matt turn in and transitions to his Judo Lock the transitions to the Battering Ram.

Technique 4 Yoko Wakare (Side Sacrifice Throw): Still keeping the attackers arm tight to his body, Matt sits to the inside leg side of his body, pulling the attacker over him.

Escape Series Flow 2: Like the first drill, Matt attempts his Ippon Seoi Nage, when the attacker defends that throw Matt looks to do his Osoto Gari counter but again the attacker defends by stepping around. Feeling that movement, Matt goes with the attackers momentum by sitting and performing his Yoko Wakare.

Those are four ways to defend yourself against the rear choke if someone wants to choke you, control you, or drag you off. Train these hard and make them instinctual, you never know when you may have to defend yourself from a technique as deadly as the rear strangle!

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