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Topple Opponents With This Deep Half Guard Sweep For No GI

Topple Opponents With This Deep Half Guard Sweep For No GI


No Gi Deep Half Guard Sweep By Jaime Jara

Deep Half Guard is a great position to sweep from. Often you will see a small guy use this to advantage to sweep a bigger opponent. Deep half guard is a position that we are all probably familiar with, even if you have only spent a little time on the mats. It can be a frustrating position to find yourself stuck in, but with a little technique you can learn to sweep any opponent at any belt level. In the video below Jaime Jara will teach us one his most effective no gi deep half guard sweeps.

Deep Half Guard is a game changing position. It creates so many sweeping opportunities and makes your opponent feel like they are balancing on a wobbly tight rope with their hips.


Watch the video and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

The first tip Jaime Jara gives us in this video is to shoot his hand underneath his opponent’s thigh, effectively take away the ability for his opponent to shut down his defense with a common under hook. By shooting your arm underneath his leg he will not be able to secure the under hook. From this position Jaime turns his hips in order to scoop his opponent’s leg. He wants to get his front leg underneath, which requires switching his legs. Notice he keeps his hand under his opponent’s leg while doing this, which puts him in the perfect position to hug the hips. Once hip control is established, Jara elevates his opponent’s leg, spinning into him and landing with double under hooks. From here you can lock your grip, pick up your opponent, and dump his legs in order to pass to side control, finishing the pass.

The key take aways in this technique are basic. Avoid allowing your opponent the under hook, and prevent him from shutting down your defense by feeding your hand through under his leg. Use your legs as a “shelf” to elevate his leg, switching your bottom foot quickly. From there, control his hips and elevate his leg so you can spin into his guard with double under hooks. If done very quickly this can be a super effective half guard sweep.

Half guard entrances and escapes! Sweeps and passes! No stone goes un-turned with this incredible collection that transforms the half guard position in a veritable jiu-jitsu buffet.

Jeff Glover breaks down his deep half guard game including sweeps, passes and even some cool darce's. Not only that, but he breaks down his matches and shares with you some drills to make your jiu jitsu game even better.



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