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IBJJF Legal Foot Lock With Luiz Panza From 50/50 Guard

IBJJF Legal Foot Lock With Luiz Panza From 50/50 Guard


Luiz Panza Foot Lock From 50/50 Guard

Foot locks are an effective and sometimes painful way of submitting your opponent in BJJ. In jiu Jitsu, once of the most effective foot locks is the straight foot lock done in the style of Luiz Panza. Luiz has a special set up for his method, requiring a different style of grips. This is a great technique for both gi and no gi competition. In the video below Luiz Panza shows one of his favorite foot locks he uses from the 50/50 guard, when his opponent tries to defend by grabbing his sleeve.

Luiz Panza is one of the few IBJJF Black Belt Competitors who hit the straight ankle lock with ease. There are some tips and details to this that make his foot locks one of the most vicious in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition.


Watch the video and then we will break down his technique.

Luiz Panza has found himself in the 50 / 50 guard in many different fights. Notice the first thing he does is establishing his grips. He passes his arm all the way underneath his opponent’s leg and connects with his own arm. From here Luiz grips his own bicep and then brings his other hand to his opponent’s shin – even if his training partner does not let go of the sleeve grip. Now Panza will slide his arm blade across his training partner’s shin, and the tap is not far away. There is hardly any play in the ankle, making this a very quick submission! So go slow in training. Get the feeling of where the submission point is before you move at a faster rate. By twisting your upper body you slide your arm blade across his ankle, getting a quick tap. From here you can step into his rib and tighten the submission if he still maintains his grip. His foot will be under your arm pit, and then you step and twist your upper body for the quick submission.

Powerful and effective stuff from Luiz Panza! Practice this one the next time you are working 50 / 50 guard. You should also learn how to defend against it. Of course, your best bet is not to get caught here in the first place! Foot locks are highly effective in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because of how vulnerable the ankle is. Have this one in your arsenal as it could be the difference between a win or a loss in your next competition!

The foot lock is the great equalizer in Jiu Jitsu. John Danaher is a master at breaking down how to get leg locks and foot locks that are both IBJJF legal and perfect for submission only grappling.



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