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Training BJJ as A Family

Training BJJ as A Family


It’s always a pleasure to see a family training together on the mat. Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu alongside your kin can be a very bonding and strengthening experience for a family. You get to enjoy the successes and achievements of BJJ together and see each other through the struggles as well. Sounds like practice for real life, right?

With the daily grind of life, work, and all our other obligations consuming so much of our time, it can be difficult to schedule those rare family gatherings that we hold so dear. Bringing the family together on the mat can be a very unique and special way to spend time together.

When you train BJJ with your family, you’re united for a common goal. Everyone is on the mat working towards something. And a little friendly competition doesn’t hurt either. It sparks fresh conversation and brings a new dynamic to your relationships.

Are you someone that’s sits and watches your child take class? What’s holding you back? I would say that 50% of the students at our academy came from the sidelines. It starts as a recreational activity for the child than catches fire in the mind of the onlooker. Why wouldn’t it? BJJ is fun, it’s a great workout, and you’re learning invaluable principles of self-defense.

If you’ve been watching and wondering the time to act is now. Ask the instructor if you’d be able to attend an adult class and see what it’s all about. Most academies offer a free trial class. What do you have to lose? The chances you’ll enjoy BJJ are very high. Maybe it’s the common ground that will create a new connection with you and your child. Stop imagining what it might be like to be on the mat and give it a shot.

Encourage your family members to give BJJ a chance. The family that fights together is stronger!

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