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Transition from Half Guard Pull to Deep Half or Single Leg with Bernardo Faria

Transition from Half Guard Pull to Deep Half or Single Leg with Bernardo Faria


Transitions are often where the magic happens when it comes to BJJ matches.

Common reactions foster transitions, and it is in these pockets of space that we find our way to new positions, and even in many cases, submissions. Not many high level BJJ athletes have release a lot of content on the systemizing of transitions, but this is a skill that if mastered can be incredibly beneficial to your BJJ game.

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When we have an idea of what we’d like to accomplish, take pulling guard for example, there are several sets of circumstance that can arise from us trying to create a situation. Learning some of the most common reactions and answers to them, can put you miles ahead in a BJJ match. Controlling the transition is paramount, and if you can dominate the transitional game, you can control the direction of the match.

Bernardo Faria has recently released a new instructional. And you guessed it, its all about transitions. Take a look at a quick clip from the series. In this video, Faria shows us how to deal with a sprawling opponent while your attempting to pull half guard. Have a look.

As Faria secures his partner’s collar and pulls half guard, his partner sprawls. This is a common reaction, as your opponent will not want to give you his weight to put him/herself in further danger. The sprawl will buy time, and allow them to establish position.

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Faria immediately reaches under his partners leg, and achieves an under hook. Using his legs and his arm between the legs, Faria makes a series of pulling movements, bringing his partner closer to him, and shooting the under hook deeper each time he moves. He also lets his legs come lower and lower on his partner, getting closer to the feet. This allows him to travel to deep half if he chooses, or he can opt to come up to his knees and pursue the single leg.

Transitions like these can change the course of a match. Don’t get caught sleeping. Be prepared to move to a more advantageous position when your original plans don’t work out.


Next time you’re playing half guard, keep the two on one in mind, and see how you can make it work for you!




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