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Control and Transitions for The Anaconda Choke with Lachlan Giles

Control and Transitions for The Anaconda Choke with Lachlan Giles


The anaconda choke is a preferred method of strangle by many when dealing with the front headlock position.

It lends itself to practitioners of all sizes, and its mechanics, when applied properly produce a devastatingly tight submission hold. But there are ways to defend the anaconda and different methods of countering the submissions to stop its completion. We’ll need to be well versed in some of these ideas in order to be successful with the anaconda on an experienced player.

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Check out this video with Lachlan Giles, he offers some ideas on controlling the anaconda position as well as an alternate submission we can use to back up our anaconda if it begins to fail us. Have a look!

From the inverted north/south position, Giles has a fully locked anaconda choke. He first talks a little bit about using the choke and some opposing force to keep his partner at bay. Simply stating that if he attempts to roll right, Giles squeezes and pulls left, and vice versa. This would be our starting point for keeping the position intact.

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If his partner does mange to make it up to his knees, Giles talks about something here that may give us some difficulty. His partner has created a post with his right arm, stopping the choke, and giving himself much more stability. With his partner’s hands wide, Giles opts to switch to an arm in guillotine. He locks his hands, drives his right knee under his partner, and throws his other leg over the top to finish the choke.

If his partner attempts to defend the arm in guillotine by jumping back over top to north/south, Giles quickly uses his hips and legs to compress his partners arm and re locks the anaconda, bringing things back full circle.

This is a great sequence, and it would definitely be worth your while to drill if you’re a fan of the anaconda choke. Giles has laid out a road map here of common reactions and answers to them, that would be incredibly beneficial to anyone that loves to hunt for the strangle from the front head lock position.

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