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Listen to Gordon "King" Ryan on the Grappling Central Podcast!

Listen to Gordon "King" Ryan on the Grappling Central Podcast!


ADCC Champ Joins Grappling Central Podcast

The Grappling Central Podcast is one of the fastest growing martial arts podcasts available today.  Hosted by lifelong martial artist and BJJ purple belt Ryan Ford, the Grappling Central Podcast has provided over 350 episodes of insightful discussion with BJJ luminaries around the world.

In the most recent episode, #353 Gordon "The King" Ryan sits down with Ryan to discuss his new guard passing instructional available from BJJ Fanatics, how Garry Tonon, Tom DeBlass, and John Danaher have influenced him and also hear stories of Gordon's first job at the frozen yogurt shop.  This podcast has it all!

Click on the link below to check out the podcast for yourself.

Episode 353 of the Grappling Central Podcast featuring Gordon "The King" Ryan

Gordon "The King" Ryan is easily one of the most successful grapplers today.  His development from a student under famed instructors like Garry Tonon and Tom DeBlass and his transition to studying full-time under John Danaher has become the stuff of legend.  It has led to one of the most meteoric rises in the history of the sport.  And what the world is now seeing, is that as good of a competitor as Gordon is, his prowess as an instructor and coach may even surpass his competition skills.  He joined forces with BJJ Fanatics to share his complete guard passing system and you can get it here with Systematically Attacking the Guard!  This system contains over 10 hours of instruction.  Do not miss it!



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