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The Lion Killer Does It Again!

The Lion Killer Does It Again!


Garry Tonon is once again victorious in his 3rd MMA bout in One Fighting Championship.

The Lion Killer squared off against Sung Jong Lee in his debut at featherweight just moments ago. We weren’t expecting to see Tonon back inside the cage until March, so this bout was a welcome surprise to all of his supporters and fans.

Tonon’s weight cut to the new division seemed to have zero effect on his performance as he was his usual energetic and lively self. For the third time in his newly budding MMA career Tonon opted to mostly keep the fight on the feet displaying his ever-evolving striking skills. He looked crisp and comfortable with his stand-up, landing several well-timed leg kicks, and connecting frequently with the hands as well.

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Tonon also was able to take down Lee at will on a couple different occasions in the first and second rounds for brief grappling stints. Tonon did take a blow in the first round that produced a decent cut, but was not slowed down by any means. In the second round Tonon secured another takedown, leading to a guillotine choke that he chased until finally settling in to the mount, making the strangle much tighter and producing the tap. I think we all knew that once Tonon was able to snag Lees neck, the bout was only a few short moments from ending. Tonon expressed post fight that there was some urgency to end the bout due to concern over a possible stoppage over his cut.

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I think many of the fight fans have expected Tonon to rely heavily on his grappling to prop up his career inside the cage, but he has done just the opposite in his first 3 fights. Tonon has set out to prove that he is a well-rounded martial artist, and he has done just that with 3 impressive victories. All while using his grappling as more of a supplement than a focus. You have to respect this approach a great deal, as Tonon is still one of the greatest grapplers on the planet. Congratulations to the Lion Killer. We will be anxiously awaiting the announcement of your next appearance in the cage!

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