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One Championship Is Making Moves In The Professional MMA World...

One Championship Is Making Moves In The Professional MMA World...


Can They Give The MMA Giants A Run For Their Money?

ONE Championship is currently making large moves in the organized MMA world. Based out of Kallang, Singapore, ONE Championship is a budding MMA organization that currently hosts shows all throughout Asia and the Pacific. Now, they are becoming more and more known in the MMA world, along side of long time industry leaders UFC, and Bellator. This is due to a few factors that have taken place within the last 6 months. These include acquiring big talent, placing MMA veterans in key roles, expanding their market, and a few moves by the UFC in recent days.

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The first was moves to obtaining a few larger names to draw attention to the organization. Among these names were world class Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter Garry Tonon, former UFC Champion Eddie Alvarez, and the biggest, the “trade” for long time UFC veteran and former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson. While this is just a few people, the organization is still working toward acquiring people, and therefore bringing eyes to their cards and events.

Secondly, they are filling key roles with MMA veterans that will work to build the company. These people have the background knowledge of the sport, and will be best apt to make key decisions within the promotion. An example of this is the recent appointment of the legendary female MMA fighter Miesha Tate as the new Vice President of the promotion. She replaces former MMA fighter Rich Franklin in this role. Again, making decisions to get their name out, and have knowledgeable people within the company.

Another thing that they announced recently was their expansion into eSports, or professional gaming. This type of sporting has really grown in the past several years, and is very big in Asia. Along with this, they have appointed newly acquired fighter Demetrious Johnson as the Chief Brand Ambassador. The owner of ONE Championship believes that this combination of MMA and eSports will be very popular in Asia, and they hope it can bring in more people to their sports content. These types of events are set to start in 2019.

And, lastly, and potentially the biggest, is the UFC dissolvement of their flyweight division. Reports are still early, but it sounds like the UFC is offering some (I restate...some) fighters the ability to move up to their bantamweight division, while others have been seemingly cut from the promotion. This is a move that will make waves in the MMA world, and will open a lot of opportunity for ONE Championship. It is very unfortunate for the fighters that lost their contracts, but this allows them to move to a new organization that can more cater to their weight class, and give them a better opportunity in the sport. Also, this make the UFC look bad. Just up and cutting fighters? This may be really shady to some spectators, and may divert eyes to other promotions. This is where ONE Championship comes in, and hopes to capitalize.

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Oh, and one more small thing. ALL ONE Championship events are available all over the world, and are 100% FREE. This speaks to a lot of people. With the other organizations, you are paying a monthly fee, or $60 for a PPV. Or both…

ONE Championship is making moves. It is good to see some competition in the professional MMA world. We will see, in time, if things swing into their direction.

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