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How Not to Stretch For BJJ

How Not to Stretch For BJJ


Simple Rules Will Make Your Stretching Safer And More Beneficial!

We’ve all seen that guy in the academy who’s stretching routine looks way more painful than any BJJ scenario you could possibly imagine. The look of struggle, trying too hard, pulling, and yanking on things. Fearing for someone’s safety while they’re stretching is a bizarre notion, but its realistic, and we see this all too often.

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Stretching is supposed to feel good. Its supposed to help you recover, and inject life back into a sore and tired body. But just like BJJ, it’s a process. Stretching must be done slowly and incrementally. Over time you build flexibility and the ability to go deeper into your stretches.

In this video Sebastian Brosche shows us 3 of the most common errors when it comes to stretching. Have a look.

There are Definitely some familiar concepts here. The first one deals with over doing it too soon. Don’t go too far too fast. This may be obvious, but keep it in mind. Make the progression of your stretches gradual, and modify them to work for the current state your body.

The second idea deals with yanking. Don’t grab body parts that are out of your reach, hold your breath and give them hell. This is a great way to injure yourself. As Brosche explains, find something to hold onto, firm up, and then relax into the stretch. The results will come.

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The third idea here is on duration. Holding a stretch for 10 seconds is hardly beneficial. Brosche recommends a minimum of 30 seconds to hold a stretch, and if possible try for a minute or a minute and a half. The body needs time to feel out how it will settle in to the stretch, don’t remove yourself from it after only a few short moments. Be patient.

A good stretching routine or a regimen that includes yoga can make huge differences in your recovery, and overall physical health. As BJJ practitioners age, this becomes even more important, and it becomes a critical part of the plan to stay on the mats for as long as we can. Make time for it, and you’ll be glad you did. Keep these common mistakes in mind and avoid them like the plague.

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