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Marcelo Garcia Eyeing Return to Competition

Marcelo Garcia Eyeing Return to Competition


Will The Best Grappler Of All Time Make His Way Back To The Competition Mats?

It has been difficult discerning between who I think is the greatest grappler of all time and who my favorite Jiu Jitsu artist is. Although they may be different, the latter can be romanticized to a greater extent. Marcelo Garcia has been my favorite grappler of all time since my early days of training. Whether or not he is the greatest of all time is not relevant to the question of his exemplary artisanship at all.

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Marcelo is one of the most exciting grapplers to ever set stage on the match. He is well versed in every aspect of Jiu Jitsu including an outstanding wrestling game that leaves fans bewildered. He is also an excellent submission artist that has perfected one of the most basic yet ignored submissions in Jiu Jitsu, the guillotine. Marcelo also has some ideas that are controversial to some grapplers; he believes that joint locks are inferior to chokes. In fact, if you look at his submission track record, especially in the later years, most of his finishes are by chokes.

Marcelo Garcia also built a world-renowned gym that is visited by hundreds of Jiu Jitsu practitioners from all over the world. His excellence in teaching and extremely positive personality influences all sorts of students. Marcelo is also responsible for some today’s most skilled grapplers including Matheus Diniz, Gianni Grippo, and Matheus Lutes.

Due to managing his successful academy in Manhattan, NY and family obligations, Marcelo has not competed since 2011. Of his latest accomplishments, Marcelo won the 2011 ADCC Championship defeating the likes of Leo Viera, Kron Gracie, and Victor Estima. Marcelo also won the 2010 and 2011 World Championships beating some of the greatest grapplers ever including Lucas Leite, Claudio Calasans, and Murilo Santana. In all, Marcelo has won 4 ADCC World Championships and 5 IBJJF World Championships.

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Many fans, including myself, are still eager to see Marcelo Garcia compete more. Although I personally did not think Marcelo would return to competition, he has made some hints of it. In a recent Kasai Vlog, Marcelo discusses that he soon plans to return to competition. In the video Marcelo says that he would prefer to fight in his hometown, NYC, especially with the Kasai Pro Promotions. As to who Marcelo would compete against is a huge question. Personally, I would love to see him go against Rafael Mendes in a match that I have been waiting for for many years.

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