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Can You Be Big and Move Like You’re Little? Ask Cyborg

Can You Be Big and Move Like You’re Little? Ask Cyborg


Big Guys Can Be Smooth Too....

A larger BJJ player that moves like a small one may be among the most dangerous practitioners on the mat. Paying close attention to incremental movements with a clear focus on being smooth, rather than using strength and the advantage of size can be an enormous leg up for the bigger BJJ athlete. Combining strength and the ability to navigate a match with very little wasted movement is one hell of a pairing.

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One of the most famous examples of this idea is the man himself, Cyborg. Cyborg weighs in at around 230 lbs., yet moves like he’s 130. It’s evident in his success as one of the most highly decorated BJJ athletes in the world, that he has placed a large amount of importance on learning to move like a lightweight. Perhaps, better than most lightweights.

Cyborg had some time to catch up with Bernardo Faria  during the filming of his new instructional that’s due out very soon. Here, he gives us a glimpse of some of the movement drills we might expect to see when the content is released. Not only is the content in this video extremely helpful, it’s also quite impressive to watch Cyborg perform the drills. Enjoy!

Cyborg expresses his love for moving. This is a grand theme. The essence of jiu-jitsu is beautiful, efficient movement of the body. In order to succeed in combat, you must be able to have complete control of your body, and know it well. Cyborg has certainly put his time in where this concept is concerned, and as a result he’s attained for himself a very unique and awe-inspiring style for a larger BJJ player.

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It’s a pleasure to listen a little philosophy from one of the world’s best. We’ll be looking forward to the release date! Thank you, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu!

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