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Gary Tonon Submits His 3rd Opponent in MMA

Gary Tonon Submits His 3rd Opponent in MMA


Gary Tonon is not only a no gi grappling stand out; but not he's making waves in the mixed martial arts world by beating 10th Planet Korea super star: Sung Jong Lee!

Check out Gary Tonon's MMA fight video and guillotine finish in only 28 seconds here:

Gary Tonon is known for his chokes and guillotine chokes... hence the nickname "Lion Killer". You can see the confidence Gary has when he gets on Sung Jong Lee's neck.

Once he has the choke locked, he keeps it and continues to adjust his position from guard to mount to passing guard, and back to mount to finish. As long as he keeps the head and arm clinch he's fine.

His submission over position style makes for extremely exciting matches like those that he's had against Kit Dale, AJ Agazarm, Keenan Cornelius and his insanely awesome epic match against Kron Gracie in 2013.

Here's an awesome video break down by BJJ Scout:

Want to finish guillotines like Gary Tonon?


There are many ways and explanations of how to finish the guillotine choke, but one of our favorites is from John Danaher who also happens to be one of Gary Tonon's coaches.

In this video, John Danaher works with Bernardo Faria to show you how to hit the high elbow guillotine.

The guillotine and choke game can be applied anywhere: gi jiu jitsu, no gi submission grappling and of course MMA. The MMA match with Gary Tonon just shows how effective a "lion killer" can be in any situation.

Another video showing how Gary Tonon sets up the high elbow guillotine from the front headlock position (same one taught by John Danaher

If you're looking to learn guillotine chokes like Gary Tonon, check out this Front Headlock DVD / On Demand Series with John Danaher.


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