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Let Travis Stevens Show You How to Never Get Stuck In North South Again!

Let Travis Stevens Show You How to Never Get Stuck In North South Again!


Three Time Olympian and Danaher Black Belt Gives You Three Get Out of Jail Free Cards

Being stuck in the bottom of North South position is easily one of the most frustrating positions to be stuck in.  If the top player is able to control your hips, they are able to essentially rest their hips and the majority of their weight on top of your head and relax and contemplate their next move as you struggle unable to get off your back.

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In his newest video with his student and uke Frosty manning the top position, Danaher black belt and three time Olympic judo team member, Travis Stevens breaks down three highly effective and proven strategies to get yourself out.

Check out the video for yourself and see how it can help you never get stuck in the most demoralizing position in BJJ again! 

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The key to any escape in BJJ is in how to create enough space to begin to make adjustments with our bodies even when the opponent is trying to close off all means of escape.  As Frosty attempts to lock down Travis' hips, we see that despite a strong under on one side and an overhook on the other side, Travis pulls a MacGyver style move with the over hooked arm bringing it through and along the belt line of Frosty.  This frame allows him to begin creating the necessary distance and movement to get the under hooked elbow to the mats.  Once the two arms are fully in play, Travis can turn securing the shin and allowing him to trap Frosty in half guard, setting up some potential deep half guard play.

In the second variation, Frosty will do what any good opponent would do to counter the first option.  He will see the exposed back of his escaping opponent Travis and attempt to take it.  Here the importance of the belt line framing arm cannot be underestimated.  In this case, it allows Travis to guide Frosty's body at a sufficient distance to allow him to Granby roll and recover the guard.

In the final variation, Travis addresses the problem of the ultra-tight person who is not allow him the necessary space to utilize the first and second options.  In order to create the necessary space, Travis uses well placed grips in the collar and hips of his opponent and then using the momentum of his legs he punches Frosty to the side which opens up the necessary space to launch his escape.

Watch this video a few times and put these three options into practice immediately and never get stuck looking up at your opponent's junk again waiting for the inevitable North South choke or even worse the opponent who plans to just lay there and stall till the end of the match or round.

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