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Stop Avoiding the Loop Choke!

Stop Avoiding the Loop Choke!


The loop choke is a strangle that can be used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Unlike other submissions, though, the loop choke can only be used when training and competing in the gi as it requires a lapel grip. This choke is arguably one of the most powerful chokes in the sport and can easily put people to sleep. Unfortunately, the loop choke is very underutilized even though it has many great characteristics.

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The attributes of the loop choke that make it so powerful include versatility and choking power. The best moves in Jiu Jitsu are the ones that are the most versatile, meaning they can be attacked from many different positions. The loop choke can be attacked from just about anywhere including various guards, top positions, top turtle, and even standing. Because of this, you absolutely need to add this submission to your game. In the gi, the loop choke is an easier submission than the guillotine because getting a lapel grip is easier and stronger.

As the name suggests, the loop choke requires some sort of loop around the defender’s neck. If you get a cross collar grip, all you really need to do is get the defender’s head under your armpit. When done correctly, this position will resemble a guillotine. However, you don’t want a grip that is too deep like one you would grab when doing a cross choke, you want to grab the lapel just above or on the collar bone. 

In the following video, black belt Michael Guzzo goes over how to attack the collar choke from after defending a double leg and single leg. Since you pretty much end up in top turtle after sprawling against those takedowns, you can attack this submission the same way anytime you end up in top turtle. See below:

It may seem like it would be difficult to get the defender to roll on their side after getting your grip, but this can be done easily against an opponent of any size with the proper mechanics. So, after establishing your grip, position your head and chest slightly to the side you will roll on, grab the pants, and then begin walking on your feet towards to same side. After getting a few steps in, put your head in the hole between the defender’s elbow and knee and drop to that side and the defender will roll over immediately.

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