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Transition to the Half Guard from A Double Leg Takedown Attempt with Bernardo Faria

Transition to the Half Guard from A Double Leg Takedown Attempt with Bernardo Faria


Often times it’s not our first crack at a technique that’s successful.

We may go down the road of 3 to 4 different moves before we finally nail something down. In a setting where both players are of a higher caliber, there tends to be quite a bit of back and forth until we can get ahead of our opponent and cause them to slip up.

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If you haven’t picked up Bernardo Faria’s new instructional on transitions, now might be a good time. He systematizes several different common techniques, reactions, and the transitions that can lead to success. In this particular video, Faria wishes to pull half guard, but he opens with a double leg to get the process started. Have a look at the intricacies of this transition.

Starting from standing Faria engages his partner by shooting a classic double leg takedown. We all know that a common reaction to the double leg is a sprawl. As Faria shoots his partner answers with a sprawl. He keeps hold of his partners leg, brings his left knee a bit closer, and steps up with his right leg on the outside.

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At this point, Faria pulls his partner on top of him as he shrinks himself down underneath his partner establishing the half guard. Faria then kicks his top leg to get up on his elbow. From here he passes his partner’s lapel between his legs and comes up to a dog fight style position. Cupping his partners far knee, Faria is able to drive him over and secure the reversal.

This is great stuff here from one the best. Pay attention to your transitional game, and manage your ability to transition effectively. It may be a loose end that’s keeping your BJJ game from entering the next level.

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