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Transitional Back Attack Secrets from Lachlan Giles

Transitional Back Attack Secrets from Lachlan Giles


Seeing submission availability helps maintain dominance

Recognizing that the arm bar from the back has become available should definitely be on your radar. It’s a critical skill. But as we progress through the submission, and should it begin to unravel, we’ll need methods of recomposing our back control, in order to stay dominant in the fight. In this video, Lachlan Giles demonstrates his version of the arm bar from the back, and maybe even more important, what to do when the submission fails.

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Giles’s version of the arm bar is user friendly and common, with some good details. Giles uses a belt line hook, a figure four grip, good separation of his partners arms, and a strong kick to lever his partner to the ground where the attack can begin. Bit once his partner begins to answer back, this is where things get interesting.

A very common way to stop the progression of the armbar is for our partner to remove the leg that’s holding their upper body down. Once this has been done, he can then move his head, shoulders, and torso up onto our leg, essentially burying it and then foiling our plans to submit.

Giles has a great answer for this common problem. He again calls on the kimura grip to assist him in pulling his partner elbow to his left, bringing it to the mat, which re-exposes the back. Ending up with his body a little high for optimum control of the back, Giles implements a little bump from his right knee which enables him to bring his partner back into a more suitable position to re establish his back mount.

Achieving the back is a victory in itself, and when we get there we want to do our best to stay there. This is a great answer to one of the many ways the position can begin to fail for us. Get on the back, stay on the back! Get to work!

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