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Breaking: Nicky Ryan and Hideo Tokoro to Meet on the Quintet 3 Stage for Special Super fight Match-up

Breaking: Nicky Ryan and Hideo Tokoro to Meet on the Quintet 3 Stage for Special Super fight Match-up


Danaher Prodigy Enters Quintet 3

We’re hearing increasingly more buzz about Quintet, the new 5 on 5 grappling team challenge. With a new ruleset and somewhat unorthodox format, the promotion is making headlines, bringing out some of the biggest BJJ and MMA stars to take part in their competition. Quintet 3 is coming to Las Vegas on October 5th for its first event on American soil, and will precede the McGregor, Khabib fight by a mere 24 hours, making Vegas the place to be for combat sports during the first weekend in October.

With the addition of a super fight between Nicky Ryan and Hideo Tokoro, things just got a lot more interesting at Quintet 3.

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Nicky Ryan has taken the grappling world by storm. Following in his brother Gordon’s footsteps, but most certainly carving his own path, Ryan has secured victories over some BJJ’s most respected preactitioners. Barely 17 years old, Nicky has already accomplished a great deal in a short time, and we’re looking forward to seeing him on the Quintet stage.

Hideo Tokoro has a storied MMA career, and is well known as a very proficient grappler. The 41-year-old has been fighting for many years, and is most definitely a seasoned vet. But will he be able to crack the code of Ryan’s modern and razor-sharp game? Time will tell.

Quintet 3 looks to be very promising. We’ll get to see some other BJJ community standouts square off as well, including Craig Jones, Geo Martinez, and Urijah Faber just to name a few! Quintet can be viewed on UFC Fight Pass. Don’t miss it!

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