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Why You Should Attend BJJ Seminars

Why You Should Attend BJJ Seminars


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu continues to grow in popularity as more and more academies open their doors and students young and old step onto the mats for the first time.  But in the grand scheme of popular sports, jiu jitsu is still quite small.  The ability for many full-time BJJ athletes to make a good living is still developing as more and more promotions are emerging that offer fight purses for super fights.  Many athletes support themselves by managing their own academies and affiliations.  One of the core means for a BJJ competitor to make ends meet is through the teaching of seminars and privates.  The access and interaction that seminars afford you as a BJJ student make them a very valuable tool in your development.

What are the benefits of BJJ Seminars?

Seminars jump start your BJJ knowledge

One of the great benefits of attending BJJ seminars is the fact that you can very easily inject new ideas into your own game.  Perhaps you are new to the leg attack game.  By attending a seminar by someone like Garry Tonon or Gordon Ryan allows you to gain powerful insights into their leg attack system.  Now keep in mind, the highest level competitors are going to keep some of their knowledge close to the vest, or rash guard in this case, because they are just that, high level athletes who constantly face other high level athletes and must work to develop a competitive edge.  But having an opportunity to see how they approach techniques, their training and all other elements can inspire you to work harder than ever to diversify and develop your game.

Seminars allow you to ask non-technique questions

The second key benefit of jiu jitsu seminars is the ability to ask non-technique based questions.  Some instructors like Tom DeBlass, leave a portion of their seminars dedicated for an open-ended Q and A session.  In this session, instructors like DeBlass will answer questions about topics as varied as what kind of diet they follow, questions about competition preparation, and how to deal with those times when motivation is lacking.  

One of the best things about having these issues addressed isn't even the answer.  It's the fact that you are sitting on the mats with a world class competitor who has shared the doubts you've had, faced the same fears you have had, struggled with the same dietary issues you may have had, and they've made it through.  They have persevered and overcome these challenges to meet their goals.  That affirmation of your journey can do more for your jiu jitsu than any particular technique ever could.

 To help you make the move to attend your first BJJ seminar, check out these handy tips from BJJ Fanatics.

The video below is a complete seminar with grappling legend Xande Ribeiro.


 The video below is a complete seminar with Olympic Judo silver medalist and BJJ black belt Travis Stevens.

 The next time you have the opportunity to attend a BJJ seminar by someone who's approach to grappling you admire and would like to incorporate some of their techniques into your game, take advantage.  And remember, techniques in many case, will just be a small part of what you take away from these teachers and competitors.

Another way to learn from these experts is through DVD and On Demand instructionals. Are you ready to learn all the secrets from the best American judokas and BJJ black belts on how he attacks and defends the turtle position?  Get Travis Stevens' 2 DVD series here for only $47 today!






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