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Two Footlocks for the Price of One from Tarsis Humphreys

Two Footlocks for the Price of One from Tarsis Humphreys


The landscape of submission grappling has changed dramatically over the last decade and the rate of change is is probably increasing each and every year.  A decade ago, there were very few BJJ practitioners and competitors utilizing leg submissions.  The early leg attack OGs like Dean Lister, Gokor Chivichyan, and Erik Paulson to name a few through their exposure to other martial arts were able to bring this strange lower body witchcraft into their own games and approaches.  But for most, leg attacks stayed mysterious.  Something to be feared and avoided.

It would take a brief and now historic encounter with Dean Lister to inspire John Danaher to begin focusing on the 50% of the human body he had been ignoring up to that point.  Danaher would, over time, assemble a squad of high-level grappling students that would serve as his test subjects in his blue laboratory.  The results would be one of the most dominant grappling teams, The Danaher Death Squad would raise the bar with their approach to grappling.  Their domination would get the public's attention and stimulate our hunger for information on how to achieve these techniques.


Leg locks experts are typically seen as the folks that focus on No Gi training and competition, due to the limitations to the types of leg locks you can perform typically in Gi competitions.  More and more traditional Gi BJJ competitors are beginning to explore and expand the boundaries of leg submissions within the constraints that competitive Gi Jiu Jitsu has in place.

And now with the constant flow of instructional materials from BJJ Fanatics pertaining to leg locks, more and more average practitioners are being exposed to information that was once deemed somewhat taboo.  And now you can add this sneaky and powerful leg submission from Tarsis Humphreys the renowned Alliance competitor and instructor.  As a sidenote, Tarsis Humphreys has been coached from white belt to black belt by one Coach, the legendary Fabio Gurgel.  He was also the first person to go from white to black with Fabio only and win a black belt World Championship.

 Check out this powerful Achilles Crush from the 50/50 position from Tarsis Humphreys and we'll break it down afterwards.  This technique is from Tarsis Humphreys' new release LEG ATTACKS AGAINST MODERN GUARDS.  You can get your own copy below!  Enjoy this two for one submission.


Exploit Their Need to Keep You Down

When two grapplers end up in the 50/50 position, other than their legs being entwined, there isn't much going on.  The onus is on the the competitors to either get up and assume a top position or to attack leg submissions.

This submission exploits the fact that if one competitor tries to stand up to assume the top position, the opponent will extend their legs to prevent them from standing.  This exposes their feet to attack.

By weaving the outside arm between the two ankles, Tarsis is able both capture one foot in his armpit, much like the position you would seek in a straight footlock submission and he is also able to use his powerful hand position to pull the instep and lower shin of the bottom foot into the calf of the top foot.  For this reason, there is both a bit of a straight ankle lock as well as an intense achilles crush/calf slicer on the other leg simultaneously.

To get more of Tarsis Humphreys' unique perspective on the best Leg Attacks Against Modern Guards, get your copy of his new series at BJJ Fanatics.  You can get it here or at the Buy Now Link below.



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