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Tyrone Woodley D'Arce Choke Breakdown

Tyrone Woodley D'Arce Choke Breakdown

Woodley retains welterweight title with D'Arce Choke 

This weekend, Tyrone Woodley successfully defended his Welterweight title with a win over the Brit Darren Till via D'Arce choke.  After the fight, Woodley was awarded his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  

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 In the excellent breakdown of the finish by Rener Gracie, you will learn a number of important points and considerations to consider from both the offensive and defensive side of this choke.  Enjoy the video below!

In this breakdown video, Rener teases out some extremely crucial details that could easily be missed by the casual viewing of the finish.  The adjustment of Woodley's grip from a more "standard" D'Arce grip on the bicep to a "shallow" grip on the forearm on the other side of the elbow allowed Woodley to lock in the choke.

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From a defensive side, understanding that sometimes the perfect move or escape actually can put us in the perfect position to be choked or submitted in another way, is important to realize.  For Rener, the understanding that when using the under hook from the bottom, the opponent is going to try to whizzer through and if they simultaneously control the head with a neck wrap, then you've made a dreadful mistake.  By being aware of these two possibilities, one can better position themselves for the escape while preventing the possible D'Arce or guillotine choke that could happen.

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