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UFC Fight Night 153 Recap

UFC Fight Night 153 Recap



Fight Night 153 has wrapped up, and it surely delivered. These cards that don’t get a lot of hype can often times deliver big moments and unforgettable fights. Fight Night 153 had all of that.

Anthony “Lionheart” Smith was able to bounce back from his defeat against Jon Jones in the best possible way, with a finish. Smith made a big statement in Sweden when he was able to outlast and finish the hometown hero Alexander Gustafsson. The fight was definitely competitive as it reached into the 4th round to find a victor.

Both athletes had their moments in the fight, but Lionheart was eventually able to capitalize on a grappling exchange and secure Gustafsson’s back. From there it was downhill for The Mauler. Smith was able to secure a choke form the back ending the night for Gustafsson.

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Much to the surprise of fans in the arena and abroad, Alex Gustafsson decided to take his gloves off and leave them in the Octagon. He retired in front of his hometown crowd, as a MMA Legend. Gustafsson will be remembered as one of the all-time greats in the UFC. The Mauler was one of the biggest European superstars in the UFC. He even graced the cover of the UFC’s video game alongside rival Jon Jones. Gus will be a hall of famer in good time, but for now let's remember to be thankful for a great career.

Leandro Santos was able to make a big statement with a walk off KO. The Nova Uniao athlete was able to make a successful return to the Octagon after two and a half years off from MMA.

Perhaps no one made a bigger statement than Aleksander Rakic. Rakic was able to secure his spot on KO of the year list. Aleksander put the 205lb division on notice with his vicious head kick knockout over Jimi Manuwa. Check out the carnage. Maybe grab something for headaches…

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