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UFC Veteran Matt Serra Uses Jiu Jitsu to Control Unruly Drunk

UFC Veteran Matt Serra Uses Jiu Jitsu to Control Unruly Drunk


Matt Serra, UFC veteran and Renzo Gracie black belt found himself putting his years of high level jiu jitsu training to the test (not) when a drunk restaurant patron got out of hand while he has been in Las Vegas getting ready for his UFC Hall of Fame induction.  As one of only two men to have ever defeated the great Georges St. Pierre, this certainly was not his most difficult test.

The patron was allegedly causing a commotion and verbally abusing the wait staff at the restaurant when Matt decided to get involved.  The short video shows him holding the drunk patron in mount and trying to verbally deescalate the situation, while the person writhed around swearing at him.

What is great to notice from the video is that Matt used nothing fancy when controlling the patron.  By simply using some simple mount control techniques which kept him away from the bucking hips and maintaining safe control of the hands to make sure he doesn't get punched, Matt easily held the man in place.  Any beginning BJJ student with a stripe or two on their belt could do exactly what he did in the video.  This greatly underscores the true power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for self defense.  It can be the best investment one can make to ensure that they are able to handle situations like this.  Check out the video below!


The fundamentals and concepts of jiu jitsu are the ones that live forever.  Long after the latest fad has faded, the techniques like what Matt Serra displayed will survive.  To learn another Team Renzo Gracie black belt and Olympic Judo silver medalist's favorite "Fundamentals and Concepts" you will want to check out Travis Stevens' DVD and On Demand "Fundamentals and Concepts"!  You can get it here at BJJ Fanatics.





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