Ukrainian Necktie: A How To

Today I have an instructional on how to hit a choke that I call a Ukrainian Necktie. It’s an interesting choke that I created many years ago. It came from me having a difficult time hitting a Peruvian Necktie in rolling. I was able to adjust my grips and was able to start finishing people on the mats with it. It’s essentially a mix of a Peruvian Necktie and a Baseball Bat Choke. The reason I call it the Ukrainian Necktie is because of my Ukrainian ancestry. Here is how I set it up.

I start from having head and arm position as seen here. I have one hand controlling my opponent’s chin and hand pushing her arm inward as I keep pressure on top of my opponent.


Then I lock up a baseball bat choke grip over the back of my opponent’s neck and in front of her neck. With this grip, one of my opponent’s arms is in, similar to a D’arce Choke.


Here is the same Baseball Bat Choke grip I have, but from a different angle so you can see the arm in and how it is similar to a D’arce.


I make sure to get off on an angle and step both my feet up. One close to the side of her body and the other up by her head, keep my top elbow against my own thigh. I then start to squeeze somewhat with the Baseball Bat grip.


Lastly here are the final steps for the finish. The leg that was against her side goes over her back to stop a roll, and the other leg goes over her head. I do these motions to get the tap. I squeeze as hard as I can with my Baseball Bat grip, kick my legs down and extend my body. With all of the pressures, the tap comes rather quickly. If this sounds like something you can add to your game, go ahead and give it a try!