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Use The Face To Finish The Anaconda Choke With Chael Sonnen

Use The Face To Finish The Anaconda Choke With Chael Sonnen


Anaconda Choke Leg Adjustment Thumb To Face by Chael Sonnen

Are you familiar with the Anaconda choke? If you are new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you may not have been taught the anaconda choke just yet. Or, it may not even be a choke your BJJ instructor uses often. It is one of those rare chokes that some BJJ masters prefer and some do not. I am sure you can guess where the anaconda choke gets its name from. This snake like choke is used to slowly tighten around an opponent much like an anaconda would claim its prey. It is a blood choke under the category of arm triangles, with a positioning very similar to the D’arce choke. Think of it like a front head lock submission that is set up on the opposite side as you would the D’arce choke. And the movement mimics a snake too – not only are you choking your opponent, but you are rolling around while doing it. This can leave your training partner utterly confused, not knowing up from down, or top from bottom. While all this chaos is going on, you slowly and progressively get tighter and tighter, eventually putting your opponent to sleep if there is no tap. If you watch competitive BJJ it is common to see high level players get put to sleep when this choke is done successfully.

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The anaconda choke has a distinct beginning. As you probably already know, BJJ is a very dynamic sport. Players are always evolving and adapting it to their game. The anaconda choke was originally invented by a man named Milton Vieira. Milton Vieira is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who currently competes as a feather weight. He is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Murilo Bustamante and has competed in several top grappling competitions including Grapplers Quest. Vieira is widely credited as the inventor of the anaconda choke which he created during his days in Luta Livre. Milton’s choke is now used world wide by many top level competitors in grappling and mixed martial arts.

Chael Sonnen is a UFC veteran and title contender. Today Chael Sonnen is here to give us some tips in tricks on how to master Milton Vieira’s anaconda choke. Chael is known for his excellent grappling and amazing submissions, making him a great person to learn the anaconda choke from. Watch the video below and then we will break down Chael Sonnen’s technique. Check it out now!

When you have your opponent in a front lock head position there are many things you can do. You do not just want to hold the position, or hang out here for too long; otherwise it becomes a battle of the elbows. You want to be moving and advancing at all times. If you are out and in front of your opponent, one great technique is to take any part of your thumb and put it on any part of your training partner’s jaw. How simple is that? Chael reaches under the same side arm he has trapped and puts his thumb his opponent’s face. He emphasizes not to put your arm all the way across your training partner’s chest. This will give your opponent your elbow, which is no good. You want to retain your elbow. Once Chael has his thumb against the jaw of his training partner, he reaches his other hand through and connects the two of them. There are a couple of different locks you can use for your grip, gable grip, S grip, etc. In this case Chael gets a pinky grip with his other hand to lock his thumb against his opponent’s face. This creates tremendous pressure on your training partner. From here you can sit back and your opponent will go anywhere you want him to go. In this position Chael traps the arm by reaching over with his leg with his knee, and securing the anaconda choke.

When you secure the choke make sure you extend your arm deep so you can use your bicep for the submission. This is a great example of utilizing the anaconda choke from a very powerful front head lock entrance. You want to make sure you get the lock right first and foremost, this is crucial for hitting the submission. If there is too much space between you and your training partner the choke will not work. Give this one a try the next time you are on the mats. I think this choke could be useful for any, no matter what your body type or experience level is. I hope you find this technique useful; it should be a great one to have in your arsenal. Thank you Chael Sonnen for demonstrating this amazing take on the Anaconda choke for us today!

Chael Sonnen is a household name in the MMA community, and it is for a very simple reason - he talks a big game, and then he backs it up.

The Chael Sonnen blueprint is really pretty simple at its base: take the person down, smash through the guard, and start hunting for chokes and joint locks. This is the formula that he has used to fight more world champions than anyone else, with incredible and consistent success. See the techniques that brought us epic main events like the vice-like Guillotine that he used to choke Shogun Rua unconscious, or the throws and passes he used to edge out greats like Michael Bisping and Wanderlei Silva. In fact, Chael is so confident in these BJJ hacks that he has competed at the highest levels of submission grappling, including 3 trips to ADCC, where he has always won in the early rounds and a huge win in a Superfight where he defeated the legend Leo Viera in 2017.

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