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Utilizing the Ezequiel Choke and The Cross Choke

Utilizing the Ezequiel Choke and The Cross Choke


Let’s talk about the gi today.  The gi can be your best friend or your own worst enemy; it really depends on how you look at things.  The gi makes things much more complicated in a sense of control, and stalling.   There are several guards that your opponent can play that can hinder your ability to pass your guard.   As much as the gi can make things more difficult, it can also provide you with more opportunities.

There are several chokes that you can only utilize in the gi, today we are going to discuss two of them.  The cross choke, and the Ezequiel choke.  Some may say that the Ezequiel can be performed no gi and it can but it is more difficult to do.  The reason we are discussing these chokes is because of their versatility.  You can use the cross choke and the Ezequiel choke from various positions.

Cross Choke

Many times the cross choke is one of the first chokes that many beginners learn.  We often see people that only know the cross choke trying to do it from bottom mount, top closed guard or even bottom side control because it is all they know.  The cross choke is one of the most versatile choke in bjj, you can use it in a variety of different places.

Some of the places that you can successfully apply a cross choke are bottom half guard, top half guard, top quarter guard, knee slice position, closed guard, knee shield, half butterfly, top side control, top mount, knee on belly, and we are still probably missing some.  So when you look at how many places that this choke works from, it may be wise to try and add this weapon to your arsenal of attacks. 

This choke can be lethal when applied correctly.  There is a saying in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the cross choke, “It is the first choke you learn and the last one to master.”  There are so many details and subtleties to this simple move.  Check out our article dedicated to just the cross choke here.  Also, check out this instructional video with all the details on how to finish a cross choke from closed guard.

The Ezequiel Choke

Another incredible submission in the gi for many of the same reasons as the cross choke.  You can use this submission from many places including bottom half, top half, knee slice, knee on belly, mount, side control, closed guard, and again we are probably missing some.  This choke is very good because it can be extremely sneaky and you can attack it quickly. 

The element of surprise is your friend when you are trying to Ezequiel choke.  Check out this incredible instructional video on setting up and finishing the Ezequiel choke with 10x Black Belt World Champion, Roger Gracie below.

If you feel the need to add these and many other submisisons to your arsenal but you want to learn them first hand from a black belt world champion and legend, look no further.  Check out Bernardo Faria’s 4 DVD Set “High Percentage Submissions.”


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