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Variations On The Omoplata

Variations On The Omoplata


Omoplata, Portuguese for scapula, is a great submission that uses legs and hips to extend the opponent’s shoulder joint past a normal range of motion.

It is similar to a kimura but legs are used instead of a figure 4 hand hold. Not only is it a submission but it can also be a good transition to sweeps, armbars, and chokes. The most basic approach is from closed guard: Shift your hips toward the arm you want to attack and swim your arm under that same side thigh. Grab a grip on their collar, open your guard and rotate your body so you are parallel to your opponent with your legs out in front of you. Maintain control by wrapping your arm around the waist. Point your knees towards your opponent and raise your hips to finish the attack. 

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There are a few variations on how to finish the submission. For example; Bernardo Faria has a great tip to achieve the position where he puts his foot on his opponents shoulder when opening his legs in order to push the other player deeper into the attack and avoid escapes. He then grabs their belt as well as the near pant leg to maintain control and prevent them from rolling out of the submission. 

Kyra Gracie also has a different finish for the Omoplata that she discovered during a competition, where she settles into the parallel position and then reaches around the neck and pulls them down toward her with her hands while simultaneously pushing with her legs to achieve the excess movement in the shoulder that brings on the tap. 

Lachlan Giles also has different Omoplata techniques, including approaching it from a De La Riva position. He also discusses the importance of the order of techniques in this move so your opponent isn’t able to posture up and defend against you while you are sitting up and swinging your legs during the final phase of the submission. 

All of these variations are excellent ways to practice arriving and finishing an Omoplata to see what approach or finish works best for you in general, and how to spot when an Omoplata is available during rolls. Since it is a submission that can be used in so many different ways, learning the multiple methods of execution are vital. In order to get better any move, but this one in particular, it is necessary to attempt it as often as possible from multiple situations. While you are rolling in class is the perfect time to fine tune your game, so don’t be concerned.

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with the turn out. That is the time to adjust your technique and gain confidence so you are able to follow through when it counts! One key concept to remember when practicing and attempting this technique is the importance of control. It is natural to roll out of this attack for your opponent, so keeping a tight grip on their waist is essential to achieve the submission. However, if you are having a hard time and they do succeed in rolling out to escape, remember to follow them! If you include this follow through as part of your Omoplata practice then you will end up in a superior position regardless, so you can go into the move with confidence. 

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