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Want to mix up your training routine? Start in bad positions!



Want a training tip to help you improve quickly and effectively?  Put yourself in bad positions while rolling with training partners of equal or higher level to yourself.

Very often I see people trying to “win”.  They roll in such a way that they emphasize their strengths out of fear of “losing” even in the gym.  The reality is that the less time you spend focusing on your weaknesses, the more those weaknesses will come back to haunt you when they are exposed at tournaments.

This can be a tough pill to swallow.  This means that you should be tapping out more in practice than you are, you should find precisely where it is that you are weakest and figure out what you need to do to solve the problems that those positions and situations cause you.

This is not to say that sharpening your already effective tools shouldn’t be part of your training process as well.  Mix up your training patterns.  Some days set yourself up to be the nail, and other days set yourself up to be the hammer.  That way you’ll be comfortable even in uncomfortable situations.  The best kind of training  exposes and eventually addresses your weaknesses.

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