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Watch Craig Jones Live Rolling & Submit EVERYONE With Leg Locks

Watch Craig Jones Live Rolling & Submit EVERYONE With Leg Locks


Craig Jones is obviously one of the best in the world for leg lock submission, especially from Half Guard or more specifically, the Z Guard.

Recently, he visited Bernardo Faria's academy in MA to film a new DVD / Instructional Series for BJJ Fanatics, and after, they lined up 10+ guys, who went after Craig Jones with everything they had, yet Craig just kept finding a way to finish with a leg lock, mostly the heel hook (with a toe hold here and there).

If you haven't seen the video yet on YouTube, check it out here:

Craig will also be offering commentary and review of his live rolling session at Bernardo's school very soon.

Craig Jones is a master of the half guard and leg lock attacks from the Z Guard. His Instructional Video Series: The Z Guard Encyclopedia gives you a variety of different set ups and attacks from z guard / knee sheild half guard to get the sweep or leg lock submission.


Also in this video, Craig offers a lot of leg lock and leg attack tips, and helps Bernardo's students understand the leg lock game even better.  

It is quite profound at how knowledgeable Craig is when it comes to attacking the leg locks / heel hook from z guard.  His entries are a bit different, but at the same time just makes a lot of sense.

What makes watching this Craig Jones Leg Attack video is the ease and calmness Craig has in every situation.  Even when some of the students he's rolling with come close to getting "something", Craig easily defends (with utter confidence) and then again, easily transitions into a leg lock.

No matter what BJJ moves the students tried, Craig Jones always finished with a leg lock submission, sometimes in mere seconds.  

Yes, the BJJ students he rolled with are not the "best in the world", but they are learning from one of the best in the world: Bernardo Faria; and you can tell that Bernardo is a great teacher, and his students know how to attack and defend leg locks as well - yet Craig Jones is just more experienced, and creative when it comes to finding entries into leg locks and heel hooks from everywhere - but mostly half guard.

Craig Jones has a few DVD series here at BJJ Fanatics.  Our two favorites are the Z Guard Encyclodiea By Craig Jones and The Down Under Leg Attacks By Craig Jones.

Craig Jones has a secret weapon in jiu jitsu... his Z Guard (half guard variation). He was virtually unheard of until recent ADCC and EBI competitions where he shocked the world with his Z guard and foot lock attacks. His approach is simple, and makes sense. After watching it, your approah and execution from the Z Half Guard will dramatically change for the better.


By now you know that Craig Jones is one of the best no gi grapplers in the world today and he is relentless in his attacks for leg locks. He has one of the most unique leg lock systems there is (Danaher could probably learn a thing or two), including how to attack from half guard, butterfly guard and 50/50 guard. Become a leg lock machine and learn to get them from everywhere with Craig Jones.



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