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Watch Gordon Ryan Use His Passing System In The Gi!

Watch Gordon Ryan Use His Passing System In The Gi!


When stumbling upon an old video of Gordon competing in the Gi I was astonished to see his Passing System being honed as early as PURPLE BELT. Systematically Attacking The Guard is the finished product of Gordon’s Guard Passing endeavors. In this video, Gordon is competing in the Gi against a black belt, while he was a purple belt at the time. Check out the match, and try to pinpoint some of the tactics being used by Gordon that you see REFINED and PERFECTED in Systematically Attacking The Guard.

First off let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes this is Gordon defeating a Black Belt as a Purple Belt. Just a heads up not too many people on this earth are like Gordon Ryan. Looking back it’s cool to see Gordon compete outside of his preferred style of No-Gi. But as you can see throughout the match Gordon implements some of the passing strategies he covers in Systematically Attacking The Guard.

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Time and time again Gordon is able to find his hands on the mat above his opponent’s head. This is something Gordon is able to consistently find in his No-Gi matches. Getting into this tripod-type position allows for superior leg pummeling ability because of how light the legs can be. What’s nice about how Gordon uses this position is he is able to stick to his opponent’s legs, which allows him to simultaneously defend sweep/guard retaining tactics while attacking with passing options.  

Ryan’s consistent passing pressure eventually leads his opponent to expose his back, which Gordon is able to quickly secure. Now we get to see Gordon apply a textbook Bow & Arrow choke. Needless to say Gordon’t Jiu-Jitsu is STELLAR. That said, it is impressive to see how long Gordon has been working on his passing system before finally unleashing it on the world. 

Gordon is making a comeback to competition TONIGHT at Kinetic! He will be representing Team BJJFANATICS with Craig Jones, Edwin Najmi, Lachlan Giles, and Nicky Rodriguez! You can watch via UFC Fight Pass. 


Systematic is more than just a buzzword when talking about Gordon Ryan's Guard Passing. Gordon Ryan breaks down guard passing to microscopic details that have never been explained on film before. Systematically Attacking The Guard By Gordon Ryan is widely regarded as one of the best guard passing instructionals, and will SURELY increase your GUARD PASSING!



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