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Inverted Arm Bar With Hip Escape

Inverted Arm Bar With Hip Escape


Once you have been training Jiu Jitsu for a while, one of the things you will start to realize is that you learn your training partners game. 

You start to learn the game of the people you train with the most, and they start to learn yours. This is why it’s so important to constantly be evolving, changing, and growing your game.  One of the ways people like to evolve their game is by adding sneaky attacks, or experimenting with attacks from various different guard positions.  

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A fairly common guard that most everyone seems to learn rather quickly is the butterfly guard.  The butterfly guard can be used as any other guard, to setup sweeps, submissions, or transition to another guard.  The butterfly guard is typically added to your game rather early on in your training as it becomes a place we find ourselves often during live training, often times without trying to get to this position.  

While there are a lot of attacks we can look at from the butterfly guard position, I was impressed with the “Inverted Arm Bar with Hip Escape” by Jon Satava.  For me personally, I am always intrigued by the “quick and easy” submissions that are maybe a little outside the norm. I’m not sure if this is derived from getting tapped by so many of these over the years, or something else, but either way, this arm bar needs to be incorporated into all of our games. 

Let’s break down this inverted arm bar and take a look at it step by step.  

Starting in a typical butterfly guard position sitting on your butt with your feet inside the opponent’s thighs.  The opponent should be on their knees in front of you. The first step is to control both arms as you fall to your back and engage your butterfly hooks to keep the opponent from closing the distance and smashing you.  Once on your back we are going to attack the arm. In this video clip Jon chooses to attack the opponent’s left arm. He starts by pulling the opponent’s arm and getting their hand to his right shoulder and hugging their arm near the elbow using a rear naked choke style grip just above the elbow (between the elbow and the shoulder).

From here it is very difficult, and seemingly impossible depending on the opponent’s skill set to finish the submission from this position.  In order to create a better opportunity to finish the position Jon must hip escape pushing his hips back towards his right side and ending on his left side with the opponent’s left arm still trapped on his now top side (right side).  

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Doing this simple hip escape motion puts us in a much better position to attempt to finish the technique.  Once on his side Jon simply brings his right leg out from under the opponent and takes his right knee and puts it on the opponent’s left shoulder blade allowing him to pressure down with his knee increasing the pressure on the arm that he is still hugging with the rear naked choke style grip right on top of the elbow.  To finish the submission Jon simply squeezes the elbow and pushes with his knee to get the submission. Jon points out that it is also acceptable to have your entire leg over the opponent’s back to create the pressure you are looking for if necessary, the key is simply the ability to create downward pressure to compliment the squeezing pressure you are putting on the elbow to maximize the force and create enough pressure for the tap. 

If you are interested in learning more about the butterfly guard and like Jon’s teaching style you must check out his video instructional with 4 parts, breaking down the sweeps and submissions systems that will work on anyone, even if they are bigger, stronger or faster than you.  Jon is one of Marcelo Garcia’s most successful black belts and a Pan Am Champion in both weight class and absolute. With credentials like that you can be certain the techniques, tips and tricks packed into this video instructional will take your game to the next level giving you the edge you have been looking for on the mats with your friends at the academy, and also against your opponents in competition.  

Don’t forget to add some Yoga to your training schedule.  Yoga has been proven to blend extremely well with Jiu Jitsu and has a lot of very similar mind and body benefits.  Regardless of if you have never tried yoga before, or are an expert you need to check out “Grappling with Yoga by Josh YoGi NoGi Stockman”.  This yoga instructional will help you increase your flexibility, feel much better after training and add years to your Jiu Jitsu career with only ten to fifteen minutes a day.  As added benefits you will notice less inflammation, less soreness and a clearer mind. Don’t procrastinate any longer, start supplementing your training with yoga today. 

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