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Watch Sakuraba Hit This Amazing Arm Bar

Watch Sakuraba Hit This Amazing Arm Bar


How To Finish The Arm Bar From The Turtle Position by Kazushi Sakuraba

Kazushi Sakuraba is a Japanese mixed martial artist and professional wrestler who is currently signed to Rizin Fighting Federation. Sakuraba has also competed in major MMA promotions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride Fighting Championships, Hero’s and Dream. He is known as the "Gracie Killer" due to his wins over four members of the famed Gracie family: Royler Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Ryan Gracie, and Royce Gracie.

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Sakuraba is considered by many to be one of the greatest mixed martial art fighters of all time. 5 Time World Champion Bernardo Faria and Craig Jones recently made a trip to Japan to train with Sakuraba. It was here that Bernardo Faria asked Sakuraba to demonstrate a submission he has been able to win many of his matches with. Sakuraba is a very experienced grappler, and today he is going to show us how to finish the arm bar when the opponent is in turtle. Watch the video below and then we will break down Sakuraba’s technique. Check it out now!

This technique works well in a case where you have a kimura grip on your opponent but they are giving you trouble and you can’t break their grip. Instead of trying to break the grip, Sakuraba instead pulls his training partner’s leg to his shoulder. Notice that this is very similar to X guard or deep half. By doing this he is able to break his opponent’s grip, and the arm bar is right there.

Talk about an amazing take on a traditional position that many of us are familiar with! It is no wonder that Sakuraba is such a legend. His approach to grappling is truly unique. Hopefully you found this arm bar from the turtle position useful! Be sure to give it a shot the next time you are in a live roll.

While Craig Jones and Bernardo Faria were in Japan they also recorded a podcast with Sakuraba for BJJ Fanatics. Check it out below!

In this episode of the BJJ Fanatics Podcast, we go to Japan to talk with Legendary MMA fighter Kazushi Sakuraba. Bernardo and Craig Jones Talk to the Gracie Hunter about his Career and Training in Pro Wrestling.

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