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We Can Learn From Everyone In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We Can Learn From Everyone In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


In BJJ We Can Always Learn From Everybody

If you have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a long time, you will probably have forgotten what it feels like to be a white belt stepping on the mats for the very first time. Well, in that case, let me remind you what it is like to be in your first class or your first roll. You are completely overwhelmed; body parts are flying all over the place. You find yourself being pulled, twisted and contorted into ways you did not even know you could be. And in this chaos, you feel completely helpless, having little idea how to defend yourself as you get tapped over and over.

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Of course, at the end of the roll, the 5 longest minutes of your life, you will probably want some sort of advice from your training partner. No matter who it is, even if it someone with only a little more experience, they are likely going to have something to teach you. You quickly learn to realize that in BJJ you can always learn from everyone, no matter whom they are or what skill level they are at. You also quickly learn just how broad and open ended the scope of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu really is. Everyone approaches grappling in their own way, and most of us have one position, technique, or detail that we are known for.

My approach to jiu jitsu is what I call the student mindset, or the learner’s mentality. It is something that you must learn to appreciate from your very first day on the mats if you want to grow and improve. By knowing that everybody has something they can teach you, you open yourself up to being immersed in a world of new techniques and positions. If you watch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu videos online you will truly start to gain an appreciation for how high level grapplers approach their sport. There is no one way that works best. And you never know what background experience a BJJ player might have. For instance, a lot of grapplers start out in wrestling or sambo, but then eventually move to BJJ. A wrestler will have a certain “style” already ingrained into their muscle memory. Why not learn their approach to grappling? The more style you have in your own game is what makes you a well rounded BJJ player.

Here’s what 5 time World Champion Bernardo Faria has to say about learning from everybody in BJJ. Check out the video below!

There is no “end” to learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is a life time endeavor. So just remember these simple tips:

Always try to have an open mind when it comes to learning new details, positions or techniques. You never know what insight you might get from someone you train with.

High level grapplers learn from everybody! That includes lower belts. Again, it does not matter what your level of experience is as it is impossible to know every position or detail.

Do not just know the positions you play. Also know the positions that you do not play. This will help you learn how to defend against someone who plays those games if you have seen some of the options available to your opponent.

Jiu jitsu, and all grappling martial arts, is constantly evolving, developing and changing. It what makes it such a dynamic sport! There is always something new to learn.

Keep this in mind and you will never stop improving in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. There is so much to learn and so many new techniques and details that if you just keep an open mind you will learn a lot more.



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