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Nasty Neck Crank From Side Control By Dean Lister

Nasty Neck Crank From Side Control By Dean Lister


Dean Lister Neck Crank From Side Control

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and all grappling martial arts in general, neck cranks can be one of the most effective ways to brutalize your opponent. The neck is one of the most commonly attacked body parts in competitive BJJ. Often times you will see a variety of neck chokes, cranks, triangles and locks employed by the highest level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players. There are a number of different ways you can attack the neck, but today we will be looking at a nasty neck crank from side control by Dean Lister.

Have you heard of Dean Lister before? If not, you are missing out. If there existed a grappling Mount Rushmore, carved into the mountains of history with the most important American grapplers to have ever stepped on the mats, Dean Lister’s face would be among them. Dean is one of the pioneers of both jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts, having been one of the earliest leg attack experts who could arguably have been responsible for the rise of the current crop of leg attack gunslingers like the team known as the Danaher Death Squad, made up of the likes of Garry Tonon, Eddie Cummings, and Gordon Ryan among others. As an instructor and coach, Dean Lister has been sought all over the world for his combat knowledge. Dean Lister has had and continues to have an illustrious career in a variety of combat genres, from wrestling, to sambo, to jiu jitsu and submission grappling, along with mixed martial arts fighting in some of the most prestigious organizations like Pride and the UFC. As an American submission grappling pioneer his biggest impact has been on the ADCC mats.

Learn Dean Lister's style of defending and escaping every submission ever thrown at him. It took a beast like Josh Barnett to crush Dean's soul with a scarlf hold pin to finish Dean's 16 year streak of never being submitting in COUNTLESS of submission tournaments.


With that in mind, it goes with out saying that Dean Lister is the right guy when it comes to learning how to attack your opponent’s neck. First, watch the video below of Dean Lister demonstrating a neck crank from side control, and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

Dean Lister is a wizard when it comes to neck submissions. He starts off this technique from your standard side control position. Often times it will be a common reaction for your opponent to reach around and lock your arm and neck, or push away at your arm and face. The first thing Dean Lister does is isolate his training partner’s free arm by placing the elbow on the mat, using both his hands to keep it in place. Now all he has to do is walk around his training partner’s head and tighten up on the near sided arm. Pay attention to how Dean sticks his thigh underneath his training partner’s shoulder. This is a crucial detail. By doing so, you put your opponent’s body at an angle that makes it difficult for them to have any explosive power. Notice that you do not have to do much more to get your opponent to tap. Typically your training partner will already want to submit but if it is not working you can always reposition your hand to free your other arm and move that around to their side to make the crank even tighter. For a super brutal submission, reach under your opponent and lock your hands.

What I like the most about this neck crank is that is requires very little to do. There are multiple points in this position where a tap seems nearly inevitable. Once you secure the arm and start walking around your training partner’s head you put them in a very uncomfortable position, and remove their entire upper body from the equation in terms of mounting any sort of defense. You have probably always thought that getting side control is only half the battle, and that finding the submission takes a lot of extra work from here. But Dean Lister shows us that is not always the case. This is a great submission to have in your arsenal, especially if you are a smaller guy against a bigger opponent. So be sure to remember this technique the next time you are training, in a live roll, or competing. I hope you found this neck crank from side control demonstration useful. Thank you Dean Lister for sharing your amazing knowledge with us today!

Dean Lister's Worry Free Escapes Will Skyrocket Your Confidence On The Mat. After Seeing This You’ll Know How To Escape ANY Submission

The Never Before Seen Techniques A Battle Worn 41 Year Old Grappler Uses To Fend Off The Best Fighters On The Planet – He Even Dares Them To Try Submissions On Him!

Dean’s philosophy is a different one as far as Jiu Jitsu is concerned.

He drills his best escapes so much that he becomes confident enough to dare people to attack him. Imagine how different you would feel on the mat if you were hoping people would try a Guillotine, an arm lock or a leg lock on you so you could reverse it and tap them? How would you feel if you were under side control just knowing you were about to take their back? That is how Dean feels and he wants to show you how he does it.




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