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What Are The Benefits Of Training BJJ?

What Are The Benefits Of Training BJJ?


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an incredible martial art.

BJJ was founded on the concept that with hard work and dedication, a smaller, weaker person can effectively defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent while using technique, leverage, and most importantly, taking the altercation to the ground.

Now in modern day, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is amazingly popular worldwide with everyone from soccer moms to law enforcement officers and children, to working class professionals and celebrities taking place in the “Gentle Art”. Through hard work and stellar instruction worldwide, the benefits and habits you will learn from BJJ include, but not limited to: 

Discipline – The progress in BJJ can be slow and methodical compared to other martial arts, making it create laser-like focus and discipline if you allow it. It takes a certain kind of person to work their tail off day in and day out to become a savant at ground fighting because it is grueling and uncomfortable particularly at first. The dedication and new found discipline will happen fast and frantically, be sure to not push your limits too far when you first join. Enjoy the process and your constant growth in discipline. 

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Increased Work Ethic – As stated above, BJJ is tough. It is also addictive, but in the best way possible. You will have times when you do not perform on the mats, your training is not going as smooth as you would have wanted, but you continue to go. This could be from the team atmosphere surrounding most BJJ gyms, and the hunger to get better. There is no ceiling in the progress of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which creates major drive to learn which transfers into a fantastic work ethic that will be apparent on and off of the mats.

You Become Humbled - There are a lot of ‘tough guys” or “street fighters” in our modern world. Everyone watches UFC and believes they can perform with high level fighters and grapplers because they would “handle themselves fine” and “just get up if I was taken down”. While this is comical to the trained, it is far past the truth of reality when dealing with BJJ. When you first join, you partner up with the unassuming 19 year old skinny blue belt, you suspect to mow over him like you believe you could.

Next thing you know, you’re taken down, mounted, sweating, you can’t breathe, you probably have Gi burn, you are feeling something you have never felt before, you are basically helpless.  You discover quickly that any and all experience you had fighting outside of a controlled environment have now been extinguished and you get what is best described as “humbled”. This should transfer to your everyday life if you stay committed to being uncomfortable by choice in the gym. You avoid confrontation, you keep to yourself in conflict situations, and you have a better view on your surroundings and what you are capable of. 

The benefits and habits of BJJ are endless. The sport and lifestyle will change your perception on hard work and dedication therefore, change your life. 

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